Apink’s Son Naeun To Not Attend Promotions For Special Album Due To Overlapping Schedules

Son Naeun Apink new comeback album

Apink will be making a comeback soon. However, Son Naeun will not participate in the majority of the promotion for the special album by Apink. IST Entertainment recently revealed that Naeun would only partially promote the album due to her commitment to other activities as an actress. The agency did not speak on behalf of Naeun, but they did mention that the reason behind her not joining the promotional activities is due to schedule conflicts.

Back in December 2021, IST Entertainment announced Apink’s special comeback album on the group’s 10 year debut anniversary. All the six members (Chorong, Bomi, Jung Eun Ji, Namjoo, Naeun, and Hayoung) will take part in the album. Although Naeun left the company and signed with a new agency as an actress, she is still an active member of Apink.

The specific date of Apink’s debut is not shared by IST yet. However, we hope the agency will announce the release date of the special album soon.

Son Naeun To Sit Out Promotional Activities For The Apink Upcoming Comeback Album

On 17 January 2021, IST Entertainment shared an official statement stating that Naeun will only participate in the Jacket photos and music video shoot. Hence, she will not take part in the other promotional activities.

In the full statement, IST began by mentioning the special Apink album releasing in February. They shared how they did their best to balance the schedule of other members. So, all of them can participate in the meaningful album, which marks Apink’s 10th debut anniversary.

Even though, with much communication, only five members (Chorong, Bomi, Jung Eun Ji, Namjoo, and Hayoung) will take part in the promotions. Lastly, they asked the fans to understand the situation and cheer on the group.

Son Naeun apink
Naeun in Ghost Doctor (cr: tvN)

Son Naeun left Play M Entertainment (IST) in April 2021. She is currently housed under YG Entertainment as an actress. Even after leaving the agency, she decided to continue her idol life with Apink.

At present, she is starring in the ongoing Kdrama Ghost Doctor beside Rain, Uee, and Kim Bum. Watch Naeun in the drama here. 

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