APINK’s ‘Son Naeun’ Talks About Her Character In ‘Ghost Doctor’

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APINK’s ‘Son Nauen’ Talks About Her Character In ‘Ghost Doctor’
APINK's Son Naeun

APINK’s Son Naeun is one of the known faces in the cast lineup of the upcoming fantasy drama series ‘Ghost Doctor. She has made appearances in many drama series before and all her characters have been highly appreciated by every one of them. Her participation in this drama series has erupted a huge buzz on the internet and social media platforms are flooded with the same. Moreover, Son Naeun is known for her extraordinary talent in every genre of story and her screen presence is hypnotizing in every way.

‘Ghost Doctor’ is one of the most anticipated drama series which are to be released next year. The medical fantasy drama series has already won several audiences through its regular updates. It is more than sure that the show is going to have a BLAST on its release day with thousands of viewers. The fact has not come in as a surprise that the show has already bagged its position in everyone’s watchlist.

With its regular updates, the show has released the details of Son Naeun talking about her character and describing her role in a very expanded way.

Here, we have summed up all the details about the same. Therefore, let’s have a quick skim inside.

‘Son Naeun’ on Her Character in ‘Ghost Doctor’

Son Naeun is playing the role of an energy ball emergency room intern named On Soo Jung. She is someone who has an extreme belief in supernatural phenomenon and miracles despite her involvement in the science and medicine arena.

Talking about her character, Naeun explained that Oh Soo Jung is an energy ball with a firm supernatural belief. She is going to be the addition in expanding the pleasant energy in the drama series with her silly and bold side.

APINK’s ‘Son Nauen’ Talks About Her Character In ‘Ghost Doctor’
Son Naeun

Naeun also pointed out that she feels extremely grateful for playing the role of Oh Soo Jung; and she also thinks that she should work more and polish her good side by portraying her character by her own dynamics.

She added further that in addition to working on Oh Soo Jung’s bright and bubbly appearance, she has also focused on polishing and crafting out her vibe; and facial expressions to make the audience curious about her from time to time.

Talking further she also mentioned that she thought a lot about how she should capture and portray Oh Soo Jung and her narrative about Go Seung Tak; and suspicion about her belief in supernatural phenomena without highlighting any boundaries.

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‘Son Naeun’ Describing Her Role in Three Keywords

When asked to describe her character in three keywords, Son Naeun chose “passion”, “secret”, and “grandfather”.

Intriguing? Yes, that’s the whole point to make us curious.

Broadening the keywords further, she explained that Oh Soo Jung is an extremely passionate person who aspires to be a doctor just like her grandfather. Her career choice makes her relationship with her mother really rough and troubled. All of it is because her mother thinks that being in the field of medicine is not good for her.

Naeun also dropped the hints that Soo Jung has her own secret which she is guarding for a long time now. And she also thinks that the keywords are the best way to describe her character well.

APINK’s ‘Son Nauen’ Talks About Her Character In ‘Ghost Doctor’
Son Naeun

Moreover, she also talked about her similarities with the personality of her character. She said that Oh Soo Jung is 50 percent similar to her. Passion, goal, bright personality, a specific taste all these points are common in both of them. The only difference is that Soo Jung is much braver and more fearless than her.

Wrapping up the interview, she said that ‘Ghost Doctor’ is a kind of drama with a mix of both emotions; and humor. Also, she added that it deals with the stories that actually takes place inside a hospital structure if you pay keen attention.

Naeun pointed out that the show is going to be a worth watch with its refreshing and amazing fantasy elements. Lastly, she mentioned that every hospital has these heavy lingering emotions around due to its humane aspects.

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