Ao Ashi Episode 6 Release Date: The First Fan!

Ao Ashi Episode 6 release date
Ao Ashi Episode 6 release date and time details

Ao Ashi is one of the ongoing anime for the spring of the year 2022, and the next episode for the anime Ao Ashi is Episode 6. There are two sports genre anime that came out this spring. The first one to come was the Love All Play Anime and it revolved around a junior high boy who aims to be the best Badminton player. The coach who saw the potential in Ryou wants him to pursue his dreams. Similarly, Ao Ashi is also about a boy who aims to be the best football player. Both the sports anime are doing well and fans are excited to watch what will these animes will bring.

Ao Ashi is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Yuogo Kobayashi. The manga is getting published under Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Big Comic Spirits since January 2015. There are more than 290 chapters as of now with 27 volumes. The anime adaptation of the manga series was announced in May last year. Production I.G is in charge of producing the anime. The anime finally started airing on April 9, 2022. And just today (May 7) the fifth episode titled “Orange Scenery” came out.

Fans of the series Ao Ashi are always eager for the new episodes. But knowing the exact time and release date for the new episodes can be a hassle for some. We at Otakukart are here to save your time. This article will give you all information you need regarding episode 6 of Ao Ashi anime.

More Information about Ao Ashi

As for the plot, the anime is meant to inspire the viewers with the excitement of the youth and their journey of pursuing their dream. The story revolves around a boy named Ashito Ao a third-year middle school student who lives in the countryside of Japan. His dream is simple, to be the best soccer player in the world. However, Ashito’s dreams are shattered when his team lost a match in the tournament because of his fault. Although, this bad event only lasted until the coach of the Japan Youth League caught Ashito’s potential.

Ao Ashi anime
Ao Ashi anime character

This coach is named Tatsuya Furuda and he invites Ao to join his own team. Although for a boy like Ao from a poor background does have the finance to travel and get new gear. Nevertheless, his big brother helps him and tells Ao to follow his dream. With a new team and the big shot coach, Ashito could be the new football player for the Japanese team.

Ao Ashi Episode 6 Release Date And Time

Ao Ashi anime is also scheduled for the weekly release. As previously mentioned, the anime started airing on April 9, 2022. So far there are a total of five episodes released including the latest one today. The title of episode 6 of Ao Ashi is “First Fan” and the release date for ep 6 is all set for May 14, 2022.

The release time for episode 6 of Ao Ashi is 6:25 pm JST (Japanese Standard Time). Whereas for the fans based in the US will get to see the anime at 2:25 am PT(Pacific Time) or 5:25 am ET (Eastern Time). Furthermore, the Indian standard time for the ep 6 of Ao Ashi is 2:55 pm.

The preview for the sixth episode of Ao Ashi consisted of some still shots as usual. One of the still shots was a group photo of the boys with the coach Tatsuya Furuda clicking the picture. Furthermore, the coach and Ashito might have a humble talk according to the still shots. One of the still showed Ashito possibly holding a letter from a fan as the title of the sixth episode of Ao Ashi suggests “The First Fan”. Furthermore, Ashito gets a new set of football shoes. Were they also from the “First Fan” of Ashito? We will have to wait till the next week to find out.

Ao Ashi Episode 6 preview
Ao Ashi Episode 6 preview

Where to watch Ao Ashi Episode 6? – Streaming Details

The new episode of Ao Ashi will be available to stream on Crunchyroll on it is released next week. Although, if you are not a subscriber of Crunchyroll then you will have to pay a minimum subscription fee to access the anime.

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