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Anya Taylor Joy Net Worth: How Rich is The Famous Actress?

Anya Taylor Joy is a budding actress in the entertainment industry and already has bagged a highly successful name for herself. She also happened to be a model before starting her career in the acting field. Also, you guys should know that Anya is pretty popular for getting a lot of accolades for her work on the screen and off it too. Accolades such as the Critics’ Choice Award as well as a Golden Globe Award and even a Screen Actors Guild Award have been given to her for bringing excellent talent.

It was just in the initial months of 2021 that Time Magazine stepped up to name Anya Taylor Joy in the list of Top 100 most influential people in the world. The actress was born on the 16th of April 1996 in Miami, located in Florida. Her parents have brought her up in Buenos Aires as we as London. Although, she dropped out of high school at the early age of sixteen in order to pursue her dream of acting. In the start, Anya used to be a part of some small television roles.

Her first biggest role was as the lead character of Thomasin in the horror film called The Witch that was released back in 2015. This role of hers is responsible for winning Anya two big awards, that is, Gotham Award and the Empire Award. Then in 2017, Anya was spotted in the cast of a horror film called Split and later in the black comedy Thoroughbreds. Her father, Dennis Alan Taylor used to be a banker, and her mother, Jennifer Marina is a psychologist by profession.

Anya Taylor Joy Net Worth in 2021

Anya Taylor Joy Dating

The actress on her childhood

In one of her interviews, Anya says that she was born in Miami by accident and has no family history linked to the place. Her parents simply were on a vacation to the state when they were pregnant with her. Because she was born in the United States, she is a certified citizen of the United States. Also, Anya Taylor is a citizen of Britain as well ad Argentina.

Anya has had a tough childhood and stated that the kids around her in school or the neighborhood never fully understood her. She used to get locked away in lockers and even spent half of her time in school crying in bathroom stalls. We, now that Anya has become pretty famous in the whole world right now, the curiosity of fans in her private life comes as an obvious thing. Thus, here we have wrapped up some of the personal details regarding the actress as well as her net worth.

Anya Taylor Joy Net Worth

Anya Taylor Joy Net Worth is a whopping 3 million US dollars as of 2021. She is 24 years in age and already a successful actress. Anya is well known among her fans for her beautiful eyes as well as gorgeous hair and accent. She has opted as a brand ambassador for brands such as Viktor and Rolf as well as Tiffany and Co.

Forbes has always given away lists about the most influential people such as young entrepreneurs as well as innovators and game-changers in the industry and Anya was in the Top 30 of them. It was recently revealed that Anya is going to host the season finale Saturday Night Live. The episode is going to witness Anya along with Lil Nas X in the form of the musical guests. She has gained immense popularity among all the fans for her lead role in The Queen’s Gambit by Netflix.

As for the information about who Anya might be dating, she has been pretty silent about it all. Although, there are some rumors in the media that suggest that the actress might actually be dating Malcolm McRae. Also, you guys should keep in mind that the two have not confirmed their relationship till this point in time in any way possible. But then how do we know about them? Anya and Malcolm were spotted holding hands and even kissing while they went out to hang out and spend time together. Just like we do not know much about Anya and her personal life in deep, there is rarely any media coverage on Malcolm also.

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