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Ant Glizzy Net Worth: Family And Beef With Brother Shy Glizzy

Ant Glizzy Net Worth: Family And Beef With Brother Shy Glizzy
Ant Glizzy

Ant Glizzy Net Worth is something of a mystery as the Washington DC rapper has only recently begun to make a name for himself. This comes from the release of his latest song, “One For Me.” Ant Glizzy was born on 28th February 1993 and is the younger brother to rapper and record label owner Shy Glizzy. Ant Glizzy himself rose to popularity after he grew his audience through his SoundCloud profile. Even so, this was not enough to gain him the recognition he deserved. So, Ant Glizzy finally came out with his first-ever mixtape, “Barbara Son,” in 2015. And since then, as Ant Glizzy’s popularity rose, he has started earning a significant sum of money, causing his net worth to grow. And while we discuss that, we will even look into his family, relationships, and social media presence.

Ant Glizzy’s first mixtape, “Barbarason,” helped him launch his career. After this, his almost non-existent career was jumpstarted with a number of collaborations with rappers and producers, including Lightshow. Now, while his audience isn’t as huge as some of the big-time rappers, Ant Glizzy is a successful rapper. He has even managed to appear on the list of the Richest Rappers who were born in DC, United States.

Ant Glizzy Net Worth

Ant Glizzy has a Net Worth of $1.5 million. This is all mostly from his primary career in rapping. He has come out with three albums in his career. Out of which, two of them are named after his mother, Barbara. His first album is called “Barbarason,” which came out in 2015. While his second album, which came out a year later, is called “Barabara Son 2”. After this, his latest album came out in 2020, called “I’m Just The Messenger.” Other than this, the rapper has released several singles and EPs, all of which have amassed his net worth. The latest singles to come from Ant Glizzy include “One Of Me,” “Rags To Riches,” “Seven,” and “Back & Better.” All of these came out in 2021. Ant Glizzy’s net worth is said to be increasing significantly, with it having the potential to reach $5 million soon.

Ant Glizzy Net Worth: Family And Beef With Brother Shy Glizzy

Ant Glizzy dropping his new single “Funeral”

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Ant Glizzy’s Family And Beef

Reportedly, Ant Glizzy’s dad was shot and killed when he was just 19-years old. Meanwhile, his mother, Barabara Amonte, is still alive. And he had grown up with her, his grandmother, and older brother Marquis Amonte. This was a Muslim family because of which both brothers read Quran. And according to them, this helped them write lyrics for their rap songs. Ant and his brother Marquis grew up together rapping. They both only have an age difference of ten months, which like any sibling relationship, led to some misunderstandings. Marquis later chose the rapper name Shy Glizzy, and thus their careers began.

While both brothers were forms of partners and sidekicks to one another. Tension rose as Shy Glizzy did not feature in his own brother Ant Glizzy’s music video. Shy Glizzy later went on to form his own Label Company called Glizzy Gang. After this, Shy released his own first song titled “Do It” in 2012. Here, he did no get Ant Glizzy to feature, which caused tensions to rise between the brothers. Ever since then, Shy Glizzy has made use of his record label to release several albums. This has caused him to become more prevalent in comparison to his brother Ant Glizyy.

Ant Glizzy Net Worth: Family And Beef With Brother Shy Glizzy

Shy Glizzy

Ant Glizzy Relationship and Social Media Presence

Reportedly, Ant Glizzy is currently single. The rapper has never mentioned his love interests or has been seen publicly with anyone. Because of this, it is presumed that Ant Glizzy is currently single.

Ant Glizzy is mostly active on social media as he keeps in contact with his friends and fans. He had joined Twitter in 2013, and ever since then, he has managed to amass 33.7k followers. He is very active there as he keeps frequently updating his status and retweets his fans. Ant Glizzy was previously even on Instagram, but he was banned there on 12th August 2020.

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