Another Super Saiyan Level?! New Dragon Ball Super Episode 114-115 Spoilers


Hey there Dragon Ball fans we have some new information coming in connection to the upcoming Super Saiyan showdown involving Kale, Caulifla and Goku. In which we do have a little bit of an inside first look as to what’s going to happen to Goku, in terms of Goku having to progress during this battle. Alongside something said by Caulifla that’s going to indefinitely capture the attention of the Dragon Ball community.

As I do want to go ahead an present the following information, in which states: ” Super Saiyan vs Super Saiyan Brawl! The survival of the universe is on the line at the “Tournament of Power”.

Goku has ended up in a fight against Saiyan combo of Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale!

Son Goku

A Saiyan representing Universe 7. He’s further increasing his battle power amidst the grinding battle of the “Tournament of Power”.

And then it goes on to say: Goku: Fighting gets me all excited!

Now here we get to see how something is said to where Goku is further increasing in battle power amidst the grinding battle of the Tournament of Power. Which to me at least goes to show that Goku is potentially getting stronger during the course of battling Caulifla and Kale in the upcoming episodes. Now theoretically, we can only assume that Goku is using this as a ploy to get his power back to recover even further, he is tired and there is about 28 minutes left until the tournament is over.

However, we jump into the next piece of information in which definitely had caught my attention in which it reads:


a female Saiyan from Universe 6. With her brilliant combat sense, she steadily grows stronger amidst intense battle.

And that’s when Caulifla says, ” Kale, become Super Saiyan 3 with me!”

And then it goes on to say:


A Universe 6 female Saiyan who adores Caulifla as her “sister”. Her battle power as a Super Saiyan 3 is incalculable. Kale says,” Yes! I’ll fight alongside you, sis!”

Now did anyone pick up on the quote stated by Caulifla in saying, “Kale become Super Saiyan 3 with me.” Which ultimately concerns me from a narrative stand point, however, before diving in to that we have also Dragon Ball Super episode 114 leaks where we see an image where Kale and Caulifla are holding hands, both of them being shown to be in current Super Saiyan forms.

We don’t really know as to what is happening here, or why they are holding hands? Perhaps maybe judging based on the little scratch marks on Caulifla, she seems to have a very difficult time with Goku which causes Kale to jump in. We don’t essentially know how these girls fuse, if that’s the direction they’re going in, however, we understand that Champa is going to teach his secret technique.

Which I feel is going to be the fusion idea or the fusion gimmick having to be applied in letting the girls be able to combine their powers. So if the direction is fusion, I’m pretty sure Champa is going to have a massive role in leading into that. However, we do have ourselves the first look of Dragon Ball Super episode 114, which of course judging based on what’s being showed there is no sign of Super Saiyan 3.

However, Caulifla’s the one who hints into letting Kale know to become a Super Saiyan 3 with her. Now believe it or not most fans in the community are for or against it, now the idea of Goku having to show them Super Saiyan 3 is going to be presented tomorrow during episode 113. However, we don’t know for sure if indefinite, either of the girls are going to have Super Saiyan 3.

Again this falls into your hands if you guys agree or disagree with this concept happening, because there are more or less taking the approach as Gotenks did during Dragon Ball Z. Because when Goten and Trunks, to me at least, asked Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan 3 all they needed to do was see it once in order for them to actually achieve the form in their fusion state when fighting Super Buu.

Which I kind of have a feeling that’s exactly the direction in which we may go in, in the idea that if the girls do in fact fuse, we may actually see them achieve Super Saiyan 3 during the course of their fusion. Now to me I think that fusion even with Super Saiyan 3, shouldn’t even be remotely close to Super Saiyan Blue in terms of power scaling. We all understand that power scaling in Super is literally all over the place, it’s kind of wonky to even make a determination, or prediction as to how strong they are going to be.

It’s inevitable that they are going to be strong and it looks like the girls are going to look out for one another, in learning about this. Now Goku also seems to be getting stronger which due to plot, I think makes sense because if they’re building up to the inevitable rematch of Jiren and Goku, Goku at some given point is going to have to gradually get stronger in order for him to survive.

Even though Goku is going to use Super Saiyan 3 in the upcoming episode, there is no definitive confirmation if in fact is going to go beyond that in showcasing Super Saiyan God or even having the strength to transform into Super Saiyan Blue. However, it looks like Goku is in fact getting stronger, which makes sense since you don’t want him to keep getting weaker while this continues. However, I would like to know your overall thoughts in having Kale and Caulifla in having to transform into Super Saiyan 3. Which again I think they will fuse in order to achieve it. Well I shall see you guys in the next one peace!