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Anne Roumanoff Divorces After 25 Years of Marriage

Celebrity divorces are way more difficult than normal ones. As whatever is going on in the lives of these people is very much exposed to the public. Some couples may seem inseparable on the outside but what lies behind the closed doors is always unknown. And something similar happened in the case of the famous french actress Anne Roumanoff. Anne Roumanoff divorces her husband after 25 years of being happily married. The couple has spent almost two and a half decades with each other and is now divorcing. This has come across as a shock for many people. As the couple has always seemed inseparable. But even this marriage came to an end which is quite a shock.

The main reason for their divorce is still under wraps. And has kept this matter very private. Anne has not revealed a single thing about why they decided to take such a huge step. But by the grace of God, the couple is separating on mutual grounds without any bitterness in their hearts. That is a great thing to know and the fans are rooting for them to move on in their lives as individuals and grow further.

Anne Roumanoff divorces

pic of Anne Roumanoff

Anne Roumanoff is a 55-year-old French actress and also a comedian. She was born on the 25th of September 1965 in Paris. Her grandparents on one side were Ashkenazi Jews from Russia. And she has a grandmother who is from Morocco. Her grandmother is the granddaughter of Rabbi Haim Cohen of Fes. Roumanoff visited her first theater school at the young age of 12. Later she graduated from the famous Institut of d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. Anne has two daughters. Namely Alice and Marie

Roumanoff career took off in the television program La Classe on France 3. In which she starred beside Fabrice, Lagaf’ and Jean-Marie Bigard in 1987. She later gained popularity for her one-woman shows. Roumanoff became part of the team on a French TV show named Rien à cirer on France Inter. Where she starred with Laurent Ruquier in 1991. Then, in 1998, she celebrated ten-years of her career at the Olympia.

In 2001, Roumanoff was the French voice of the character Coco la bouche in the animated feature film Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. following this in 2003, her show Follement Roumanoff had a 13-month run at the Bobino Theater in Paris. Then she did a tour in France and Quebec. After this in 2007, she celebrated 20-years of her career with Anne a 20 ans at the Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens. From September 2007, she started making a comic forum on the news, which was called On ne nous dit pas tout in the show Vivement Dimanche. This show was hosted by Michel Drucker.

Anne Roumanoff divorces

Anne Roumanoff divorces

Pic of Anne and her husband

It was a huge blow for many people when they heard Anne Roumanoff divorces her husband. After nearly 25 years of marriage, Anne and her husband Philippe Vaillant got separated. The rumors about this had started to spread in February this year. But the audience was hoping for all this to be fake. But to their disappointment, the rumors turned out to be true. while she made the announcement about the same she mentioned that she has indeed lived a beautiful story and assured that they can separate with love and hate. Her interview for the magazine Paris match reveals more of her views on this divorce.

She says that she is still on good terms with her ex-husband. And also mentions that they have been in love for years. And even after all this, he will still continue to be the man in her life. She also says that she owes him a lot and her husband has a huge hand in her success. She also adds that when she left the home which she shared with her husband she chose to settle only a few blocks away that too on the same street. And they are still parents to their daughters Alice and married and will always be. Whenever the girls will need them. As for Anne’s fans, they can still find her at the antenna of Europe or on the stage of Alhambra with her show We Love each Other till the 15th of Jan.

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