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Anna Nicole Smith Daughter: A Trip Down the Memory Lane

Anna Nicole Smith Daughter

What do we know about Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter? Popular model, actress, and television personality Anna Nicole Smith gained huge success over the years. She also got featured in the Playboy Magazine, where Nicole bagged the title of Playmate of the Year back in 1993. Anna Nicole went on to sign lucrative offers with fashions brands like Guess, H&M, and Lane Bryant. Her marriage to billionaire J. Howard Marshall gained huge media attention as she was accused of marrying him for his fortune.

The famous model died back in 2007 from a drug overdose. She has a daughter named Dannielynn Birkhead. Eight men claimed to be  Dannielynn’s biological father, including Smith’s attorney Howard K Stern. Lastly, it was Larry Birkhead who proved that he was the father after taking a paternity test. The model died of a drug overdose, and her death created huge aftermath as she was reportedly depressed and had mental health struggles. She passed away when her daughter was just a few months old. Her death was highly controversial, and many came up with different speculations. Let us take a look at all the details about Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter.

Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter: Here’s All About The Star Kid.

Anna Nicole’s daughter Dannielynn Birkhead is now all grown up and has opened up about how she is in awe of her mother’s success in the industry. It seems like the teenage daughter is interested in following her mother’s footsteps while dreaming of making it big in Hollywood. However, she wants to do that on her terms.

Anna Nicole Smith Daughter

Larry Birkhead has praised Smith’s fans for keeping her memory alive while saying how her daughter Dannielynn is the most important part of her legacy. Larry said that while it is so heartfelt to see all the fans remember all of her birthdays, including the sad days of the anniversary of her passing. But I think Dannielynn is a big part of it. She is Anna’s legacy.

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Larry Birkhead Opens Up About His Relationship With Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead and Smith reportedly dated for two years and shared a daughter who was just five months old when the popular model passed away due to a drug overdose. Birkhead has earlier got candid about the documentary focusing on their relationship and the few bumps it hit in the journey. Have a little sneak peek into this ABC documentary that gave fans a view into the late model’s life like never before. Have a look at the video given below. 

Moreover, Larry has appeared for an exclusive session on Good Morning America. Birkhead further shared that he had never spoken about the love between him and Smith before and have not told people his side of the story. Believe it or not but when Dannielynn was born, Larry wasn’t the only one to tried to prove that he was the biological father. Larry further admitted that despite a few issues, the couple always managed to emerge all the more stronger than ever. 

Nicole Smith’s Daughter Takes A Trip Down The Memory Lane!

The father and daughter tried to take a beautiful trip down memory lane as they started their road trip in Smith’s hometown of Mexia, Texas. Dannielynn was just a few months old when she lost her mother to a drug overdose. Larry tried to give her daughter some new memories and wanted her to know more about her mother. In order to know more about the late model, Larry and Dannielynn also visited Los Angeles, where Dannielynn sees for the first time some of Anna Nicole’s memories from her life and career.


These are rare moments that are now tucked away in a storage locker following her death. Once the two reached Smith’s hometown, they met Jo McLemore, who was Smith’s high school best friend. She gave Dannielynn a warm welcome and also told her that she looked just like her mother. Larry has admitted that their daughter has grown up to be as fearless as her mother was.

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