Top 9 Anime Characters Who Can Use The Legendary Wood Release 2018 [UPDATED]

Hey guys. Wood release is one of the rarest abilities that one can find. Not many people can use it. So today’s list is about all the those anime characters who have Wood Release. Let’s begin.
9. Diane-

Diane is a member of the giant clan. She is able to manipulate nature like the rest of the Giants. She is from the anime Seven Deadly Sins.
8. Obito Uchiha-

Obito was a member of Team Minato. He was saved by Madara after a cave collapsed on him. His body contains the cells of Hashirama and they allow him to use the Wood Release.
7. Sugino-

Sugino is a character from Zatch Bell. He is a mamodo. He is able to manipulate plants in his surroundings. Sugino is a able to summon enormous flowers that can shoot fire and poisoned pollen. Furthermore, he can also summon a tree warrior to fight in his stead.
6. Kosuke Ueki-

He is the main protagonist of “The Law of Ueki”. He was given the ability to turn fra trash into trees by Mr. K. Although it may sound a bit wierd but Ueki is able to great any tree that he desires. It may not seem much but he can stop very strong attacks with his trees.
5. Binz-

Binz is a character from One Piece. He possesses the Mosa Mosa no Mi, which gives him the ability of increasing the growth of plants. Binz is also able to use soru. It gives him incredible speed and agility.
4. Weasel-

He is from Marchen Awakens Romance. Weasel is the 6th strongest knight in the series. The source of his magic is the tree on his head. Weasel is able to summon a tree so large that it can dwarf a large arena. Also, with of his abilities, he can suck life from plants.
3. Kurama-

Kurama is from Yu Yu Hakusho. He is a demon fox that entered a human body. However, after some time he decides to live the humans. Kurama is able to create different plants and even trees with his spiritual energy. Plus, it works really well with his intelligence.

2. Laki Olietta-

Laki is a mage from Fairy Tail. She excells in the art of wood-making. Laki can create a large variety of weapons out of wood. She can summon multiple blocks of wood carved as weapons from the ground, and the Wood Wall. Laki can also merge herself with the wood she creates in order to perform stealth actions, such as walking unnoticed.
1. Hashirama Senju-

The final character on the list is the First Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. Hashirama was born with wood release. His wood release was on a totally different level. He was able to destroy the susanoo with his wood release. Also, he created the Hidden Leaf with his wood release. Hashirama achieved the status of God of Shinobi.
That’s it from me.
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