The Big Bang Theory Television Series Ends But One Mystery Remains

After making us laugh for years the Big Bang Theory television series has come to an end. It is safe to say that the ride has been awesome and full of laughter and joy. All seven major characters have had a huge role to play and even without one of these characters, the series wouldn’t have been what it was. Even though it hasn’t been a week while it has ended we fans already miss little things about this show, it literally feels like parting ways with a person we have grown so close to.

The bottom-line is the show has ended but one detail that fans so desperately wanted to know was never revealed. It was teased right until the final episode but it still wasn’t revealed. This detail is Penny’s last name. Yes, indeed throughout the course of all seasons Chuck has made it possible not the reveal Penny’s last name.

He might not have any name in his head but he certainly played with the heads of the fans. In the finale episode while Sheldon Cooper was giving his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, he mentioned all his friends names with their surnames so the fans thought finally the moment has come when Penny’s last name will be revealed but in the end Sheldon announced her name as Penny Hofstadter which is the last name of his husband Leonard Hofstadter.

Thus, we will never know what was Penny’s last name in The Big Bang Theory television series.

Also, it was revealed in this episode that Penny and Leonard Hofstadter are expecting a baby which is welcome news for Leonard as Penny finally agreed to have a baby at last even though she didn’t have much say in it in the end as her views about kids changed everything. The series has been an absolute blast.

For those who haven’t watched the series yet should do as soon as possible. Here is the synopsis for you all:
The story is focused on seven characters namely Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard, Amy and Bernadette Rostenkowski. Howard and Sheldon live across the apartment of Penny with whom Howard falls hopelessly in love. Raj, Howard are Leonard’s and Sheldon’s friends while Amy is Sheldon’s and Bernadette os Howard’s girlfriend respectively.

All of them lives their lives while meeting each other on a daily basis and these interactions are really fun to behold along with their scientific jokes in the mix as well.

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