Robert Pattinson Confirmed As New Batman

At long last, the reports are coming out that the deal has been struck between Robert Pattinson and DC and that he will be playing the new Batman. He will be succeeding Ben Affleck in this role who did a marvellous job and did justice to the character.

It was first believed that Ben Affleck will write, direct and also act in the upcoming Batman movie but due to some differences between DC and him, Ben Affleck simply walked away from all of it which was heartbreaking for not only Ben Affleck’s fans but also the fans of Batman’s character because he played Batman brilliantly.

Robert Pattinson has not been in a major role since his Twilight days and has never made a mark with his acting in Hollywood thus far and that is the reason why most of the fans are not overwhelmed with him being made the new Batman. The argument about him being the Batman is that he has not had any groundbreaking performance thus far in his career that can justify him being named the new Batman.

He was the lead in Twilight movie in which I honestly thought that his performances were too damn flat and me being a Batman fan makes me worried about this upcoming movie due to Robert Pattinson being the new Bruce Wayne. The director of the movie has said that he wants to show the world how great of a detective Batman really is, so we should expect a story which is going to highlight the detective part of the Batman which quite frankly we have never seen in movies.

Most of the fans forget how great of a detective Bruce Wayne actually is so it will be great witnessing Batman mainly doing detective work and less fighting. But still, it is hard for me to even imagine Robert Pattinson as Batman.

The role of a Vampire suited him because his face is already so expressionless he wouldn’t have even had to work hard to be a vampire. Nonetheless, now that he is confirmed as Bruce Wayne we can just hope that he pulls off a miracle and become a good Batman.

Do let us know what your thoughts are regarding Robert Pattinson being confirmed as the new Batman. Also, the new Batman movie is set to release on 25 June 2021. The start of production date is yet to be revealed and confirmed. Unfortunately, for Robert Pattinson numerous petitions to replace Robert Pattinson as Batman are surfacing.

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