Pokemon Go New Outfits For New Occasions

Pokemon Go fans can unlock a host of new items from the in-game clothing store.Niantic has added new Pokemon Go clothing items that can only be purchased once you’ve earned the required medals.

This includes new Fisherman costumes, new Battle Girl outfits, and Jogger gear.”Proud of your Magikarp-catching skills?” reads a Niantic tweet. “With every Fisherman medal you achieve, a familiar Fisherman avatar item will be available for you to purchase in-game. Good luck – and don’t get splashed!”

A follow-up tweet adds: “Trainers, show off your fighting spirit! New Battle Girl avatar items are available for purchase once you achieve the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Battle Girl medals.Show off how far you’ve walked while playing Pokemon GO with the all-new Jogger avatar items, now available to purchase after earning the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Jogger medals,” a final tweet reads.

Data-miners of Pokemon Go town reported something very new and very dazzling.Data-miners noticed that Pokemon Go’s servers were now sending text bundles related to Deoxys and Castform, two of the unreleased “Gen 3” Pokemon. Both Pokemon have multiple forms and the new text bundles include lines of code for all of them.


Pokemon Go was planning to include all of Deoxys’s and Castform’s forms for a while as they were the first Generation 3 to be added, but the text bundles could hint that they could be coming in the very near future. That would be a bit of a surprise in Deoxys’s case, considering that players are expecting Rayquaza to be the next Legendary Pokemon added to the game.

Castform is expected to shift forms based on the dynamic weather system which was the biggest addition. Castform has four different forms that are weather dependent and changes both its types and attacks based on the weather.

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“form_normal” “Normal”

Image result for castform pinterest

“form_sun” “Sunny”

Image result for castform pinterest

“form_rain” “Rainy”

Castform anime

“form_snow” “Snowy”

Image result for castform pinterest

In the main series games, Deoxys has the ability to shift forms as well, but we aren’t sure whether Pokemon Go will implement that right now or not. Each of Deoxys’s form emphasizes a different stat – its Attack Form would have the highest attack stat in Pokemon Go but would have a miserable defense stat, and frankly we’re not sure if Pokemon Go’s set up to allow for shifting stats.

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We should note that neither of these Pokemon are ready to be deployed into Pokemon Go yet. Deoxys’ stats still haven’t been updated from some placeholder stats and neither Pokemon has 3D image assets which are usually the last thing Pokemon Go developers add before a new Pokemon officially goes live.

According to mining reports the new server update also includes references to a new “shiny filter,” which would allow players to only see Shiny Pokemon in the Pokemon screen. This could be a clue that Pokemon Go is going to continue adding more Shiny Pokemon on a monthly basis, as they have been since October.

Also, the next big news would be the raid boss as Kyogre is set to depart from Pokemon Go later in February, so we’ll likely find out its replacement in the next few days.As speculated Rayquaza is said to be appearing very soon.What do you think when will we see Castform and Deoxys?Who will be the next Raid Boss?Lemme hear all your thoughts in comments or you can get connected with me on Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram. Stay tuned.


Rayquaza Will Soon Be Appearing In Raids!

Niantic usually exploits which Legendary will be appearing next. However, this time we haven’t seen much of anything on the next legendary raid after the mighty Kyogre. What if, we have actually had this information it was just hidden so well?

Apparently, that’s actually what happened. This is the first time Niantic has been able to hide something that fans didn’t catch on right away. There is a photo of Rayquaza we see every day. Yet, had no idea this legendary dragon was hidden inside the image.

The loading screen is Niantic’s main source of sharing all kinds of teasers with their fans. This new loading screen has become recently available and everyone just looked over the real message. Let’s see if you guys can see it at first look. It’s actually hidden pretty well.

It might be a little hard to see it at first but on closer inspection. You can actually see what appears to be an eye beside the 8 in “2018”. No, not the confetti that is tricking you into thinking there isn’t anything there. But, the eye that is beside that piece of confetti.

rayquaza groudon kyogre by dragonitearmy dvn

A lot of people are saying it’s just a ghost type Pokemon, however, take a closer look at the eye. And then we will compare it to Rayquaza’s eye. You will see it’s an exact match! Not many another Pokemon share the same type of eye. Not to mention Rayquaya’s socket….


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