Pokemon Go Code Reveals New Shiny Pokemon

Since 2018 begin Pokemon GO is updating data-miners recently discovered that Pokemon Go developers had added new 3D assets to a new shiny Pokemon.The new Pokemon is shiny versions of Chikorita and its evolutions. These weren’t exactly new additions, as it appears that the game’s developers had added the Shiny versions of the Johto Starter Pokemon about a month ago.

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Shiny Pokemon have alternate colorations than normal non-Shiny Pokemon and are prized by Pokemon collectors due to their extreme rarity. While Pokemon Go developers have added 3D assets for many Shiny Pokemon in the game (including all the “Gen 3” Pokemon and all the Legendary Pokemon,) only a handful of Shiny Pokemon are currently available in the game.

On average, developers add one new set of Shiny Pokemon every few months. Most recently, Pokemon Go added Shiny versions of Snorunt and Glalie as part of last December’s Holiday celebration. Players can also get Shiny versions of Magikarp, Gyarados, Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Duskull, Dusclops, Shuppet, Banette, Sableye, Absol, and Mawile.

The most noticeable difference between a regular Chikorita and its Shiny form is the color of its leaf. While a normal Chikorita has a regular green leaf, a Shiny Chikorita’s leaf is brown. Shiny Bayleef’s body is much browner hue than a normal Bayleef and a Shiny Meganium has yellow skin and an orange flower instead of its usual green skin and pink flower.

So why did Pokemon Go add a Shiny Chikorita to the game? Well….no-one really knows. Pokemon Go’s recent emphasis has been on “Gen 3” Pokemon, but it’s possible that we could see a Shiny Chikorita appear as part of an upcoming event. After all, Pokemon Go recently increased the spawn rate of Shiny Pikachu for about three hours as part of last weekend’s “Community Day” mini-event. If a future Community Day somehow involves a Chikorita, don’t be surprised if we see its Shiny variants sneaked into the game as well.

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There’s lots of unreleased Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go, so this could be nothing, or it could be a hint at what’s coming next. Looks like Pokemon Go trainers will just have to wait for Pokemon Go’s next announcement.Still, the fact that Pokemon Go developers are prepping more Pokemon for release should excite many players. While Pokemon Go had hoped that players would focus on battling Kyogre for the next few weeks, many players are reporting that raid attendance has suffered as a result of “raid fatigue” from months of attending raids on a daily/weekly basis. Considering that frustration is already high due to the frustrating lack of EX Raid invites, Pokemon Go might need to get more Pokemon ready to help restore excitement to many players.


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Kyogre was added to Legendary Pokemon Go raids by Niantic on Friday.Trainers can now try their luck at bringing down the meaty Legendary until February 14.Something you might not know is that the Pokemon Company like to post official guides on how to counter the strength of the latest Pocket Monsters launched in-game.

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For instance, being a Water-type Pokemon, Kyogre is weak only against Electric- and Grass-type attacks.


Its sole Fast Attack—Waterfall—is a Water-type attack, while its Charged Attack may be an Electric-type Thunder, Ice-type Blizzard, or Water-type Hydro Pump,” the Pokemon Company explain.Electric-type Pokémon is reliable choices regardless of Kyogre’s moves. Their Electric-type attacks will deal supereffective damage to Kyogre, while none of Kyogre’s attacks are super effective in return.

Raikou will be the most effective Electric-type Pokémon by far, with Zapdos and Jolteon trailing afterward.It should also be noted that Grass-type Pokémon resists Water-type attacks, so they might be your top performers against a Kyogre that knows Hydro Pump.

And when it comes to countering Kyogre, the Pokemon Company suggests bringing in a Ho-Oh or Gen 3 Groudon for good measure.Since Kyogre only has two weaknesses, you may need to find a few more Pokémon to fill out a party with high CP Pokémon. Keep Kyogre’s attacks in mind. A Kyogre that knows Thunder will have a hard time matching up against a Groudon that knows Solar Beam.

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On the other hand, a Kyogre that knows Blizzard gives you an opening to counter with your own Solar Beam wielder in Ho-Oh.Dragonite can be deployed against a Kyogre that knows only Water-type attacks—and don’t forget about Mewtwo for quick bursts of damage if you’re fortunate enough to have caught one.

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Pokemon Go Officially Announced Second Community Day

Pokemon Go’s first ever Community Day may have only taken place this past weekend, but developer Niantic has already announced details for the next event. The second Pokemon Go Community Day will be held next month, on February 24, and it’ll give players a chance to catch a rare Dragon-type Pokemon.

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Unlike previous Pokemon Go events such as Chicago’s Pokemon Go Fest and Europe’s Safari Zone events, Community Days aren’t held at a specific location, but rather during a designated window of time. This gives players around the world a chance to meet up at local parks at the specified time and catch Pokemon together. Players are able to earn in-game bonuses for the duration of the event; during February’s Community Day, catching Pokemon will net you triple the normal amount of Stardust, while Lure Modules will last for an extended period of three hours.

Most importantly, each Pokemon Go Community Day will feature a special Pokemon that knows a move it cannot typically learn in the game. During January’s Community Day, players were able to capture a Pikachu that could use Surf.

Dratini’s involvement is huge for the Pokemon Go community, as its evolved form Dragonite is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game. Even though Legendary Pokemon have snatched the title of “Strongest Attacker” away from Dragonite, it’s still considered a top-tier attacker and has added value for being such a bulky defender in the game.

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While Pokemon Go revealed the date and time of the next Community Day, they didn’t reveal what exclusive move Dratini would learn…or whether it would retain its special move after evolving. That special move could make all the difference as to how useful this new Dratini will be in battle.

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The other big announcement was that the upcoming Community Day will have a 3x Stardust bonus, which will help players stockpile Stardust for powering up their Pokemon. When coupled with a Star Piece, players can get up to 4.5x the amount of Stardust than they usually do.

As Pokemon Go has been updated to version 0.89.1 on Android and 1.59.1 for iOS.This includes various quality of life improvements and bug fixes, including the ability to sort Pokemon by region, scaling tweaks in AR mode, better incubator sorting and more.As speculated this update has a lot of new things inside.

The world of mobile gaming is an ever-changing one. Though some titles might see themselves lose their status in the abyss of time, Pokemon GO managed to hold its own pretty well thanks to its unique gameplay formula. With Niantic knowing this, the company pushes out updates to the game on a regular basis, making the whole experience streamlined as much as possible for gamers out there.

With the general update and bug fix two recent tweaks to Pokemon Go’s GAME_MASTER file indicate that some more “Gen 3” Pokemon are coming soon. A popular data miner that goes by /u/Charles on Reddit posted about two recent changes to the datafile that defines many of the moves and functions ….


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