Konoha Is About To Get Destroyed In Anime – Proofs

Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 2 weeks ago, we got an episode of Mitsuki Gaiden in Boruto, which is great. I think it is probably the best episode of Boruto so far. This week, we got to see Team 7 take on their first mission, and to be honest it wasn’t all that good. I expected a lot more from the episode but it is what it is. Boruto Uzumaki and his teammates are carrying out a mission to save a village from bandits.

The mission ends up becoming a B Rank mission, as the opposition ends up hiring ninjas as well. So, at least that’s something really interesting. But what’s even more interesting is the new ending of Boruto. As you might’ve seen already, starting from Boruto Episode 40, we got a new ending. Yet again, the destruction of Konohagakure was teased there. You can clearly see Boruto standing somewhere in Konohagakure, and then the whole village just blows up.

I’m pretty sure this is a reference to Kawaki coming, and destroying Konohagakure. We all know that 4 years from now, Kawaki and Boruto are going to fight it out when Konohagakure is already destroyed. Not only that, but I think the entire shinobi world will be destroyed since Boruto clearly states that the era of Shinobi is over. That certainly means that Konohagakure is not the only village that is under attack. Other villages have shinobi too.

It looks like it won’t be too long before Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki fight against each other. They’ve been teasing it in openings and endings for quite some time now. I think by Boruto manga chapter 50, we will have reached the point where Boruto and Kawaki fight, and it will be a huge moment in the history of the series. However, I’m still not convinced by the Boruto series. I think they need to do a lot better if they want to impress fans and keep them on the edge of their seats.


7 Boruto Characters With Rare Kekkei Genkai

Ninja with Kekkei Genkai are considered to be very powerful. They have unique abilities that cannot be copied even with the Sharingan. We’ve seen many Kekkei Genkai users in Naruto and there are some very powerful users in Boruto as well. In this post, I’ll talk about the characters who possess rare Kekkei Genkai. Let’s begin –

7. Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto Uzumaki is the user of a Dōjutsu Kekkei Genkai called the Jougan. This Kekkei Genkai was awakened somehow when he was a kid. We don’t know the details about it yet, but it is said to have some connection to the Otsutsuki Clan. Boruto Uzumaki is the only known user of this Dojutsu so far.

6. Sarada Uchiha

Sarada Uchiha has the Sharingan. I know you’re gonna think that the Sharingan is not rare, but along with her father, she is the only one who has this ability. No other person does. So, Sharingan is indeed rare.

5. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is the user of the Mangekyo Sharingan, and the Rinnegan. Both of them are extremely rare. He is a God level shinobi, and no person other than Naruto can match him in combat. Sasuke is on whole different level thanks to these Kekkei Genkai.

4. Mitsuki

Mitsuki is a shinobi who might possibly have more than one Kekkei Kekkei Genkai. Right now, we know that he has Jugo’s Kekkei Genkai since he is able to absorb natural energy passively and use Sage Transformation. He might even have Wood Release, but that’s just speculation right now.

3. Shinki

Shinki is the son of Gaara. He is promising Genin who has the Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai. This is the same Kekkei Genkai that the Third Kazekage once had. Shinki can control Iron Sand using this, and he will soon become a Shinobi feared across all nations.

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