Fans Went Berserk About 200,000 Petitioners Signed A Petition Demanding A Remake of Season 8

Online petitions have become one hell of a trend these days. Seems like people think they’ll get anything they want by just signing one online petition. Crazy world? Eh? But guess what 200,00 people signed a petition for? After the 5th episode of game of thrones, the finale was aired. Fans went berserk and were clearly very disappointed with the poor ending of the long-awaited season finale.

That’s when some fans created a petition with demanding HBO to recreate season 8. Not that it’s going to be entertained by the makers of the show, but the petition gained itself a lot of attention and hype. This petition was clearly very absurd and impractical to be entertained as it’s not possible for makers of the show to reshoot the entire season.

It would mean a total loss of millions of dollars that have already been spent to shoot the season 8. However stupid and impractical it may seem but this petition received 1 million signatures just in the 1st week of its online presence. According to the sources, on Sunday night about 18 million people tuned in to watch the show, and only 1 million signatures have been received for the petition.

Only meaning that a fraction of 18 million won’t matter even if the petition is signed. Even after 1 million people have signed it, HBO won’t remake the entire season.

However, it gives us a notion of how disliked the season is. Game of Thrones have known to never disappoint its fans, but this disappointment that too with the finale season is a major set back of the show.

Not only petitions signed have given a bad impression of the show but the massive fall in IMDB rating of the season signifies a huge bummer. To cut the long story short, season 8 was a huge disappointment on the part of the show makers. However, no disappointments were seen on the part of the actors. But the character development in season 8 is the major issue that fans and critics have been talking about.

Also, the lighting problems in episode 03 made a hit meme material for the year 2019. Fans have been complaining about the bad and rushed storyline. Unexpected negative turn in the role of Daenerys Targaryen and easy defeat of the night king and how disappointing was the death of Cersei Lannister. All these disappointments together have declared season 8 of the game of thrones a big failure. In the comments below tell us your thoughts regarding this matter.

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