Boruto’s New Upgraded Power Up

Boruto Naruto Next Generations the manga has steadily been progressing as it’s presence as a monthly manga. With new content coming slowly, it seems Boruto has made a new advancement when it comes to his powers for the future. And no we are not referring to the curse mark, but what we are referring to is Ninja weaponry. With that said, today we are going to be discussing Boruto’s new upgraded power up!

Boruto's New Upgraded Power Up

To begin with, in the manga so far, Boruto has made a few advances from the where the Boruto – Naruto the Movie, movie has left off. Boruto has acquired better control over his Lightning Style chakra nature and is able to throw electricity form a distance. He is also capable of now producing enough water to release a wave of it towards an opponent, and we know his wind style Rasengan is still present as it still vanishes. And of course we have seen Boruto receive the curse mark, but not show any powers using it (we have only seen the mark on his palm grow in its first stage).

Boruto's New Upgraded Power Up

Nonetheless, Boruto has upgraded in a few other areas besides Ninjutsu. Through escorting Katasuke and saving Konohamaru, Boruto has acquired two new ninja weapons. The first ninja weapon is a chakra enabled sword. The handle when infused with chakra sharpens your chakra into the form of a blade and does the chakra shape manipulation for you instead of having to train and learn chakra manipulation (such as when Naruto learned to do the Rasen Shuriken and Asuma using Wind style on his knuckle blades).

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