Boruto Episode 44 Leaked Spoilers

Hey guys. Boruto Episode 43 was released a few days back. Episode 43 was focused on the new gang of righteous robbers. The gang is known as “Byakuyadan”. As I said that they are righteous robbers who rob from the rich and distribute it among the poor and needy. Boruto and co. were trying to chase the gang on their own.

Sarada made the breakthrough in the case as she came up with the theory that one of the gang members can use Ice Release. He must have used it to deceive the thermal alarm system in the Bank. The episode was pretty good even for a filler arc. I liked the Temari moment when she unleashed her fury as a mother. Once again I am fascinated by the way the Nara Clan handles its young fledglings. The parents certainly know how to bring up a child.

In Naruto, it was Shikaku, who showed how great of a parent he was. Now let us begin with the spoilers of episode 44. The Byakuyadan has become more active recently and this has led to the other Genin getting involved in the case. However, it has an adverse affect. The White Night Group has probably got involved with the Genin and have ended up causing harm to the Genin. The episode is focused on Shikadai Nara.

He has become friends with a mysterious boy named Ryogi. Ryogi is of the same age and both of them get along well. The boy becomes the partner of Shikadai for Shougi. However, there is a secret that the boy has.
I think it is a really good thing that the other characters are getting some screen time before the Momoshiki arc begins. I think we will probably see more characters in action before the Chunin Exams.

A lot of new faces will make their debut in the Chunin Exams. These are certainly interesting times to be a Boruto fan. The Momoshiki Arc will be different from the movie as well as the manga. It is going to amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing it.
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New Naruto Theory Proves That Naruto & Sasuke Won’t Be Killed After All

Hey guys. The whole Naruto fanbase has been bemoaning the possibility of Naruto and Sasuke dying in Boruto. There has been no conclusive proof but there have been several hints that have led to the creation of Naruto and Sasuke death theories. The biggest hint towards Sasuke’s death is Boruto using Sasuke’s sword, Sasuke’s cape and Sasuke’s headband while fighting Kawaki.

Well, it does make sense because why would Sasuke give his belongings to Boruto? It doesn’t add up. Now moving on to the theories regarding Naruto’s death. Naruto has been a crucial part of our lives and he will remain like that. No one can bear the death of our hero, Naruto. The biggest hint that raises the doubt that Naruto is dead is the state of the Hidden Leaf. During the very first episode, we could see Kawaki and Boruto fighting at the top of the Hokage Rock.

The Hokage never leaves the village unless it is for really important business. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Naruto is dead but it does make you wonder where is Naruto? The Hidden Leaf is in shambles and it is very likely that almost everyone is dead. But, there is a new theory that proves Naruto and Sasuke can’t be killed. So, let us say that Naruto dies. Sasuke as we know has the Rinnegan, and one of the most overpowered jutsu one could use is an ability of the Rinnegan.

Sasuke can use the Rinne Rebirth with the help of his Rinnegan and he can revive Naruto with the help of this technique. However, as we know that the Rinne Rebirth comes at the cost of the user’s life. So, Sasuke will obviously die. However, Naruto can save Sasuke once he has been revived. Naruto possesses the Sage of Six Paths’ healing power to prevent Sasuke from dying.

There is a big inconsistency with the Rinne Tensei jutsu.
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