Top 10 Chinese Anime To Watch – Updated 2019


4. Monkey King: Hero is Back-

The Monkey King is a powerful figure that is unmatched in combat. He was imprisoned in a cage as the Gods were annoyed with him. China is in trouble and a young boy sets the Monkey King free.

3. Qin’s Moon: Hundred Steps Flying Sword-

It is set during the time ancient of Qin Dynasty. The story revolves around an assassin’s attempt to save his homeland. But, it ends in a failure. The Emperor is more cautious than ever. This unfolds a great heroic tale of saving the kingdom.
2. The Devil Ring-

Zhou Xiaoan put on a ring and a devil comes out from his mouth. The devil is actually the leader of a group of zombies. A group who opposes them, fights them every day in order to keep them at bay and prevent the destruction of the human kind.
1. Soul Contract-

Yang Jinghua met an accident which changed his life. Duanmu Xi appeared in front of him and told him that he was dead. Then he presented him the invitation to join him for the rest of his life.

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