Top 10 Chinese Anime To Watch – Updated 2019


8. Hitori no Shita – The Outcast-

Zhang Chulan is an average normal college student. One day he gets attacked by zombies but he ends up being saved by a girl. After this incident, things take a twist for Zhang Chulan. Beautiful anime and a must watch for everyone.

7. Requiem Street-

Xia Ling was a student who is in her final year at the university. She reaches a place which is known as Requiem Street because of changing dimensions. Xia Ling and her allies take on the task of protecting the Requiem Street from evil spirits.
6. The Legend of Condor Hero-

Youka is a 13-year-old boy who starts learning martial arts. But, he ends up running away from his place, and he stumbles upon a woman named, Shouryuujo. She eventually accepts him and teaches the art of Koboha.
5. Fox Spirit Matchmaker-

Yuechu Bai is a poor kid who is trying to save money. He learns of his family’s plans and decides to find a bride. Susu Tushan, who is a fox youkai. This unfolds a new adventure in Bai’s life. A very good anime if you are looking for romance.
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