5 Horror Anime To Watch On Halloween


#3 Kara No Kyoukai

Kara no Kyoukai 1: Fukan Fuukei Bluray [BD] | 480p 90MB | 720p 150MB MKV #KaranoKyoukai1FukanFuukei #Soulreaperzone #Anime:

Episodes: 7 Movies
Aired: Dec 2007 – Aug 2009
Genres: Action, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller

Kara No Kyoukai (aka “The Garden Of Sinners) starts of in September 1998, where the suicide rate in Japan has dramatically increased. It seems to be a coincidence at first, but further investigation shows plenty of similarities which makes the whole case even more disturbing: The victims are all schoolgirls who’ve jumped from the same skyscraper.

The anime follows the duo Mikiya Kokutou and Shiki Ryougi, who are supposed to investigate this case, with Shiki having an unusual ability to see and bring an end to all things.

#4 Hellsing

Hellsing - Alucard:

Episodes: 13
Aired: Oct 2001 – Jan 2002
Genres: Action, Horror, Supernatural, Vampire

The anime follows an organization called “Hellsing” with the goal to eliminate every supernatural threat that comes their way.

This organization isn’t only ruled by humans, but there’s also one monster that has been tamed and since then works for Hellsing. His name is Alucard and he’s one of the most powerful vampires in history – but instead of fighting with his fellow monsters, he defeats them now.

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