12 Dark Anime To Watch In 2017 [Updated]


8. Ghost in the Shell-

Cyborgs, cyber-terrorists and an ever-fading line between humanity and artificial intelligence. Ghost in the Shell is a perfect package. From secret warfare to a dystopian society, Ghost in a shell has everything you possibly need.

7. Death Parade-

This is actually a very awesome anime. In this anime, the deceased play a random game which decides their fate. If they win, they will be reincarnated but if they lose, they better prepare for the depths of hell.
6. Pyscho Pass-

A lot of things have changed since it’s the 22nd century. The Sibyl System, which is used to check the threat level of each citizen is in effect. Inspectors uphold the law by using force. I really think that it’s an awesome anime and certainly one of the must watch.
5. Berserk-

Set during the medieval times, Berserk is one of the most intense animes around. It follows the story of Guts, who joins a mercenary band and then falls in love with a girl. But, that girl molested by a monster(who was actually their leader).
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