Anime Comparison: So I Can’t Play H! vs. HighSchool: DxD


4. The Monsters

(WARNING: I will be a little bit graphic in this next part, so if you have a weak stomach skip to the next paragraph. The next one will be a little graphic too so maybe to the next page if you cant handle it.) In So I Can’t Play H!, the monsters are actually creations of Shinigami, ones who actually do their bidding in wars. However, the monsters are pretty creepy. They remind me of a cross between alien worms (the ones that wriggle under your skin and eat you from the inside out) and some sort of gelatinous monster (one that can trap you within its own body and digest you, all without going through its “mouth”). Sorry about that, thats the only way I can even come remotely to describing them, and there are several other varieties too, made up of and using various elemental powers. I could go on and on, but even though I’m not into gore and stuff, the monsters in So I Can’t Play H! are pretty cool.

It is Censored

The monsters in HighSchool DxD are actually former demons, at least in the first season. They start becoming fewer and farther between in the second and third seasons. Most of the monsters are demons who either left their master completely, or killed their master first and then went rogue. The first one they encounter is a female that killed her master, she had become a lustful woman/spider hybrid. It wasn’t necessarily a difficult battle for Rias and the gang, but they still offered a choice to her, return to her masters household to be punished or die. She chose death. There were actually two other ones, although one was not part of the storyline, but part of an OVA. The OVA one actually was still a “normal” looking demon, but he had created a plant to that could grow fruit that was able to grow boobs on girls, which ultimately caused a lot of problems.

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