Dragon Ball Super 2018 Movie Official Teaser


We got the first 30 Seconds Teaser or Preview of the Upcoming 2018 Movie, and what was that at the end.

Is ‘ Earth Has Goku’ supposed to be the title of the movie?

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This teaser shows us a completely new style of Dragon Ball animation! Can’t completely judge it without watching more, but first impression, I’m impressed, I’m sold for now.

It looks fun, it looks really fluid, I mean this is what you want for an action dominant anime like Dragon Ball. I have a feeling the fights will be super smooth, and greater than ever before.

And oh my god, the character tease is out of the world amazing!

This guy looks like an absolute beast, oh my god! Oh my god!

This fight is going to be brutal. Just look at his eyes, that is one blood thirsty monstrous look.

I don’t know who this, but I’m already a fan. The movie is supposed to be about the origin of the Saiyans, the looks we got, a  bit of the armor, and all points towards him being a Saiyan, and there’s kind of an ancient vibe to it don’t you think?

Who could he be brothers? Is He a Saiyan God of Destruction maybe some Universe will get restored and this badass will be back?

Or what if this monster is Yamoshi the first Super Saiyan God? I don’t know maybe he is back somehow or maybe something happens in Episode 131 that brings back a lot of people or destroys the barriers of time? Could the movie be about time travelling perhaps?

Or is Goku actually training with this guy? Maybe Goku’s final training to be a God or some shit like that? Maybe he comes as a friend? The environment sure could be made up for an indestructible training ground!

Guys, we see they mention a New adventure begins! This movie might be setting up an entirely new type of story setting up opportunities for many more movies to come or the return of Dragon Ball Super or they might be introducing a new Dragon Ball series with this. I only feel good news.

Most importantly, the teaser animation looks fluid, the new characters looks like an absolute beast, and we all can expect absolute insane brutal action that our heart truly desires.

This seems almost too good to be true!

Guys, I have asked you a lot of questions! Please participate in the comment section, and share all your ideas, theories and predictions! We’ll do a breakdown video and I’ll try to feature your comments.

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