Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Final Preview


Guys the final 2 episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 and 131 will conclude the biggest battle, the biggest event of 2018! One of the most intense fights in the history of Dragon Ball!

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As Goku tries to bring down Jiren the Grey, arguably the strongest fighter Goku has ever faced, who will finally after all these freaking episodes will go shirtless and use his full power, unleashing hell in the process.

In this article specifically, we will breakdown the preview trailer of Episode 130.

So, let’s get right into the preview that we got like 5 years ago-

so in the first scene of the trailer, we see swift hand to hand, Jiren didn’t strip yet. So that’s probably the starter of the episode, that’s the part where they tease and turn you on.Related image

Okay, the next thing we know, we see a monstrous Jiren, he’s done stripping, he has veins popping out, he looks serious as fu*k, and he’s absolutely ready to fu*k the shit out of Goku.

But wait, still it looks like is the one getting the upper hand or is it really the case? Is it?

You see when we first see something we don’t notice a lot of things, remember the last time you fell for that one bit*h? Exactly.Image result for Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Preview

So when we saw the episode preview right after the episode 129, it looked like Goku was dominating Jiren, but if you take a deep breath and watch the preview again. Pay close attention to the action only. They are actually going toe to toe, Goku didn’t get no upper hand, in fact Jiren has a cinematic walk. It’s like he just smashed Goku and turned his back and is walking away or towards the destruction spot like a badass.

But you see throughout the preview, Jiren was the one who gave I’m getting fu*ked harder than ever before no actually he was giving expressions like he was taking it for the first time. Meanwhile, Goku was quite confident. Although their actions were matched up. Take a look at this punch, equal force, no one has the upper hand..

Let’s say I’m a weak fu*k who never visited the GYM, or you a real weak skinny Indian or an overweight American who tells everyone that it’s because of a medical condition, and you start melting when someone uses offensive word, and you need a safe spot. Oh boi why the F I’m triggering everyone..Related image

Anyways if any of us weak fu*kers fight Muhammad Ali for example, and let’s say Muhammad Ali lands 5 powerful punches on us, but if any of us manages to land a single punch on Ali, guess how positive our reaction will be, and just how much pissed of Ali will be despite still having the upper hand.

Well, brother that’s exactly the case with Jiren The Gay. Jiren didn’t get his ass whopped for long ass time, while Goku doesn’t only give it hard, but can take it even harder.

Like they say-

It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

So I think this shock factor of Jiren being totally astonished by Mastered Ultra Instinct giving him a real fight might actually end up being Goku’s biggest advantage, and may result in him winning. This is what tournament of power led up to, we have seen many attempts from many warriors failing, including attempts of Goku, but for the first time we see Fear in Jiren’s eye, and I ask you, what do you think? Will this fear be the limit of Jiren? Will he bow down to Goku?Image result for Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Preview

By the way guys, don’t forget about that one Golden Animal that Ho Ho Ho’s. That tailed bi*h will have a crucial role, but Frieza is not expected to have a major role in the next episode but the final episode of Dragon Ball Super.

So what do you think about all this?
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