Hoenn Region Hyperspawn Event Now Live!


Early yesterday morning Niantic has released some more information that would bring trainers all around back into the game. There was actually a good amount of information that was released. One of them points being new Pokemon being introduced sometime today.

While there weren’t any times given about when these Pokemon would start to show up. There was a pretty accurate guess. Most of Niantics updates and events roll out around the same time for each event. That being roughly 1P.M PST which it’s that time now!

One thing several trainers had skipped over reading. There will be an exclusive event for these Pokemon. Not only the new Pokemon but all involved in the Hoenn region that has been released to Pokemon GO!

This event would replace all of generation 1 and 2 spawns with generation 3 spawns. Meaning the only Pokemon we will come across during this event are Pokemon from the Hoenn region. Many trainers had noticed a large amount of the older generations of Pokemon overpowering Hoenn Pokemon.

Looks like the tables have turned allowing trainers to finally collect their favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn region. It’s still not certain for which Pokemon will be insanely common during this event just yet. However, get out and enjoy the increased Hoenn spawns while you can!

A short-lasting event this is. We will only have increased Pokemon spawns for the 3rd generation up until the 13th. Probably due to Valentine’s event coming on the 14th. A quick suggestion for those panicking to choose Pokemon to catch during this event. Focus on the ones you still need to collect, then work on ones you want to power up.


That way you know you can get the most from the event for collecting purposes. The Pokemon that take tons of candy to evolve like Wailmer and Swablu will also be recommended to focus on catching because of the number of candies they require.

Be sure to be on the lookout for any new shiny Pokemon with this event along with an increase shiny spawn for Hoenn Pokemon already in the game. With more of them spawning surely, you can find a shiny at some point! (says the author without a single shiny…)


Pokemon With Increased Spawns During Valentine’s Event

Last year, it was a challenge to figure out what Niantic had in mind for Valentine’s day or if they would even host an event for the widely known Holiday. However, with short notice, Niantic gave us increased spawns for Pokemon that were pink.

Chansey, of course, being the rarest and most hunted Pokemon. We were also seeing more pink Pokemon hatching from eggs meaning hatching a Chansey from a 10km egg was decently common during the event. Chansey’s are still extremely hard to get, however, the recommended Pokemon to focus on catching during this event, isn’t a Chansey.

If you happen to get lucky and find one, go ahead and catch it, however, with generation 3 Pokemon being released just in time. There is another Pokemon to focus on catching that will help several trainers level up even faster. We will get to the list of Pokemon that will have increased spawns for the year 2018 in just a moment.

It’s not too certain why, but Whismur only takes 12 candies to evolve. This is really good because that adds another Pokemon to the mass evolution chain. Though, that isn’t the only Pokemon that was recently added to take 12 candies per first evolution. While it looks pink, it’s actually red. Continue Reading…

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