Pokemon Go Just Confirmed That A New Legendary Is Coming Today


Rayquaza is the final legendary Pokemon of the trio in the Hoenn region. We have already taken on Groudon and Kyogre, leaving the green dragon the last of the trio to go against. As Theorized it was thought Rayquaza would show up during the last wave of Pokemon being brought into the game.

Along with Rayquaza just so happens to be the final wave of Pokemon from generation 3. Surely, there will still be Pokemon missing from the Hoenn region. However, that’s to be expected still giving the fact we are still waiting on Smeargle from the generation 2.

While no times were given for when these raids would start appearing we can only assume it will be around the same times event and other releases first start. Most of the time events and such will start around 1 PST meaning we have over a full 24 hours before we can battle Rayquaza.


Finding trainers to help you out to battle this beast shouldn’t be hard as several trainers will be out and about searching for some of the newly released Pokemon from the Ozone Layer.

Don’t forget, Kyogre will be a raid boss until the 14th. This means not every legendary egg you come across will be a Rayquaza just yet. Thankfully, though, Rayquaza will be a raid boss until March 16th. After that, it’s hard to say which Pokemon will take over the legendary eggs.

“The Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza will be appearing in Raid Battles in Gyms near you until March 16. You’ll also have a chance to battle the Legendary Water-type Pokémon Kyogre before it swims away on February 14. Will you be the first to catch all three ancient Legendary Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region?” ~ Niantic

Rayquaza is one of the first Dragon type legendary Pokemon and will more than likely hit like a truck. This legendary Pokemon should be the hardest legendary of the 3 Hoenn trio so it might take around 7-8 trainers to complete the task.

This legendary Pokemon is a Dragon-type so it doesn’t have a whole lot of weaknesses that can counter this Pokemon. Dragon type moves will be a good weakness, however, using dragon type Pokemon, won’t go over to well. Look for Pokemon that have dragon moves that aren’t dragon type. Such as Gyarados with Dragon tail. Also, Ice type and fairy type moves are strong against Dragon type Pokemon.


Pokemon With Increased Spawns During Valentine’s Event

Last year, it was a challenge to figure out what Niantic had in mind for Valentine’s day or if they would even host an event for the widely known Holiday. However, with short notice, Niantic gave us increased spawns for Pokemon that were pink.

Chansey, of course, being the rarest and most hunted Pokemon. We were also seeing more pink Pokemon hatching from eggs meaning hatching a Chansey from a 10km egg was decently common during the event. Chansey’s are still extremely hard to get, however, the recommended Pokemon to focus on catching during this event, isn’t a Chansey.

If you happen to get lucky and find one, go ahead and catch it, however, with generation 3 Pokemon being released just in time. There is another Pokemon to focus on catching that will help several trainers level up even faster. We will get to the list of Pokemon that will have increased spawns for the year 2018 in just a moment.

It’s not too certain why, but Whismur only takes 12 candies to evolve. This is really good because that adds another Pokemon to the mass evolution chain. Though, that isn’t the only Pokemon that was recently added to take 12 candies per first evolution. While it looks pink, it’s actually red. Continue Reading…

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