Pokemon Go Upcoming Pokemon In Last Wave Generation 3


These few Pokemon will be common for all generations as we have already seen this 3 times now. The first Pokemon that wasn’t added tot he game for quite some time was ditto. This copycat Pokemon was then added on Thanksgiving Day. The other two are Delibird and Smeargle. Delibird was released as a Christmas exclusive Pokemon. Smeargle is yet to be found.

Now that the new wave has finally reached the game. We now know which Pokemon have added and which ones haven’t been. However, we will be going over the Pokemon that have been recently added to the game.

A fairly new Pokemon, new to all trainers, would have to be the evolving Ditto. Which is just a visual bug? You can’t actually evolve the pink blob. However, it can be found disguised as a Taillow, one of the new Pokemon. Here is the rest of the Pokemon that were recently added.

  • Castform
  • Swablu
  • Surskit, Masquerain
  • Bagon, Shelgon, Salamence
  • Tailow, Swellow
  • Volbeat (regional?)
  • Illumise (regional?)
  • Beldum, Metang, Metagross
  • Tropius (regional?)
  • Wingull, Pelipper
  • Chimecho

Because of the generation exclusive event going on right now. It is hard to say for sure how common these new Pokemon will be during normal spawns. Though, we do know what the new Pidgey is.

Despite its large amount of candies required to evolve. This Pokemon can easily be evolved and captured enough times to make the candy seem like a piece of cake to obtain. Swablu requires 400 candies to evolve. Yet several trainers were able to get around 200 candies during the first day!



Pokemon With Increased Spawns During Valentine’s Event

Last year, it was a challenge to figure out what Niantic had in mind for Valentine’s day or if they would even host an event for the widely known Holiday. However, with short notice, Niantic gave us increased spawns for Pokemon that were pink.

Chansey, of course, being the rarest and most hunted Pokemon. We were also seeing more pink Pokemon hatching from eggs meaning hatching a Chansey from a 10km egg was decently common during the event. Chansey’s are still extremely hard to get, however, the recommended Pokemon to focus on catching during this event, isn’t a Chansey.

If you happen to get lucky and find one, go ahead and catch it, however, with generation 3 Pokemon being released just in time. There is another Pokemon to focus on catching that will help several trainers level up even faster. We will get to the list of Pokemon that will have increased spawns for the year 2018 in just a moment.

It’s not too certain why, but Whismur only takes 12 candies to evolve. This is really good because that adds another Pokemon to the mass evolution chain. Though, that isn’t the only Pokemon that was recently added to take 12 candies per first evolution. While it looks pink, it’s actually red. Continue Reading…

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