Hoenn Pokemon Taking Over Spawns Starting Tomorrow


As generations of Pokemon continue to make their way into Pokemon GO, we will have a much harder time coming across certain Pokemon of different regions. Events for certain generations of Pokemon will help trainers collect each and every Pokemon.

It seems like Niantic agrees as well, starting tomorrow assuming around 1 PST. We will see Hoenn region Pokemon taking over spawning points. It’s not certain rather or not other generations of Pokemon will spawn during this time or not. However, generation 3 Pokemon will have increased spawns until February 13th.

“In celebration, Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region will take over wild encounters until February 13. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to catch powerful Pokémon such as Salamence, Altaria, Metagross, and more!” ~Niantic

There will be several Pokemon to focus on catching during this event, such as Slakoth, Ralts, and more. Though, as far as how common these might be, it’s going to be hard to give an accurate list of Pokemon to catch first.

For example, if Slakoth is fairly common, there wouldn’t be much of a use to catch every single one you come across. However, if they are decently hard to find like Bagon will be. Catching as many of them as you can, will be ideal.

As far are medal completion goes. There will be a larger amount of dragon type Pokemon spawning. There wasn’t a whole lot in generations 1 and 2. Though, there will be at least 6 Dragon type Pokemon to be catching during this event. Those Pokemon are Trapinch, this Pokemon itself isn’t a dragon but it’s evolved forms are.

Swablu is another Pokemon that isn’t a dragon type Pokemon but it’s evolved form is. This Pokemon will show up starting tomorrow so is not certain how many candies it will take to evolve this Pokemon.

Bagon and this Pokemon’s evolved forms are all dragon type Pokemon. It’s recommended to catch as many Bagon and family members as possible. Salanence is thought to be a strong Pokemon, though, anything can happen.

Another medal that’s hard to get is the steel type medal which will be a lot like the Dragon type medal. There weren’t too many Steel-type Pokemon added in the first two generations. Though, in generation 3 there are 7 Steel-type Pokemon that were added in generation 3. As of right now, one is only a raid boss. The others are apart of 2 different family lines. Both recommended catching all you come across which are Aron and Beldum.


Pokemon With Increased Spawns During Valentine’s Event

Last year, it was a challenge to figure out what Niantic had in mind for Valentine’s day or if they would even host an event for the widely known Holiday. However, with short notice, Niantic gave us increased spawns for Pokemon that were pink.

Chansey, of course, being the rarest and most hunted Pokemon. We were also seeing more pink Pokemon hatching from eggs meaning hatching a Chansey from a 10km egg was decently common during the event. Chansey’s are still extremely hard to get, however, the recommended Pokemon to focus on catching during this event, isn’t a Chansey.

If you happen to get lucky and find one, go ahead and catch it, however, with generation 3 Pokemon being released just in time. There is another Pokemon to focus on catching that will help several trainers level up even faster. We will get to the list of Pokemon that will have increased spawns for the year 2018 in just a moment.

It’s not too certain why, but Whismur only takes 12 candies to evolve. This is really good because that adds another Pokemon to the mass evolution chain. Though, that isn’t the only Pokemon that was recently added to take 12 candies per first evolution. While it looks pink, it’s actually red. Continue Reading…


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