Why [Spoiler] Is Going To Betray Kaido In The Biggest War In One Piece


Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about the War of Wano Country. Now before I begin, I want to let you all know that this is a theory that is based on some instances in the series. You can choose to believe it, or ignore it. That’s completely up to you. If you don’t like theories, I suggest you leave the post right now.

So with that out of our way, let’s begin. We all know that the biggest war in One Piece is about to begin. According to Oda himself, this war will be so huge that even the War of Marineford will look cute compared to it. Kaido, and the Strawhats will obviously be in the middle of it all. But they’re not the only ones involved. We have the Heart Pirates, the Ninjas, Samurai, Minks, Whitebeard Pirates, and possibly even more allies.

Kaido isn’t alone as well. He has the support of the Shogun of Wano. He is allied with Drake Pirates, and On Air Pirates as well. I’m pretty sure that there will be a lot more allies that Kaido will have as well. However, remember that most of the alliances end in betrayal. I’m sure that Kaido will also be betrayed, a d this is going to be a huge chink in Kaido’s defenses. In my opinion, X Drake will be the one to betray Kaido, and ally with Strawhat Pirates and the rest of the allies.

In fact, in my opinion, I think X Drake was planning to betray Kaido all along. We saw that X Drake went straight to Kaido when he entered the New World. He wasn’t even in any attempt to take down the Yonko, which is very weird. Usually, when some Yonko crushes a crew, the other side is forced to become an ally.

X Drake didn’t even do that, and he was certainly very interested in Kaido. I think X Drake had made an alliance with someone way before the timeskip, and this person is Trafalgar Law. Law plans to take down Kaido. However, why did he target Kaido? The reason would be he had already sent in someone who would be of great help in the process. Since Drake has a Zoan Devil Fruit, he would have been easily accepted.

Kaido would give him a high rank over the two years, and Drake would likely rise to a very high rank. During the time of War, the Strawhat alliance will certainly take advantage of this, and they will break through his defenses. In addition, Drake could’ve possibly found out the weakness of Kaido as well, which will also be of huge help during the War. This would also pit the Worst Generation against the Yonko, which is basically what the foreshadowing has always been.


[Spoiler] Is About To Die In The Latest One Piece Chapter

Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about the latest One Piece Chapter, which came out yesterday. If you haven’t read it already, I suggest that you do so because I will be spoiling you. But, if you have done that already, or spoilers don’t bother you at all, then let’s begin. Chapter 893 of One Piece was probably the best chapter we’ve got in a while.

In my opinion, it is the best chapter in the Whole Cake Island arc, which I think says a lot about this. While the chapter is named “The 36th Daughter of the Charlotte Family, Flambe”, the chapter is actually focused on Luffy vs Katakuri and Flambe was just used as a plot device to give Katakuri the development he deserved. As you all know, Flambe took a shot at Luffy in the last chapter, and managed to land a successful blow.

Katakuri proceeded to pierce his stomach, but during this chapter, he realized that he had actually attacked in the moment of his weakness. In order to even things out, Katakuri gave the same injury to himself, because he wants to win this fight fair and square. I’ve said this before. Katakuri is training Luffy. He is so interested in Luffy’s development, and he was disappointed when Luffy wasn’t able to dodge.

He respects Luffy, and that’s why he actually thought of this fight as an interesting match up. Right now, Katakuri is Luffy’s goal. Now that Katakuri has acknowledged Luffy, the fight will only get more intense from here on out, which is something that I cannot wait to see. However, there is something that the fans seem to be forgetting.

Both Katakuri, and Luffy carry serious injuries. The blood is pouring out of their bodies, and soon they’ll die of blood loss. Luffy carried a similar injury at Fishman Island, and needed blood transfusion.

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