A Theory About Danzo That Will Make You Lose Your Mind


Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about a theory from Naruto’s, that I think you all will like. Of course, it is just a theory so it is up to you to believe it or not. If you don’t like reading theories, I suggest you don’t read the post. However, if you enjoy theories, then let’s begin.

We all know Danzo was a character who would go to any length to protect Konohagakure. He did the dirty work to keep the village safe, but when he thought Konoha wasn’t in suitable hands, he planned to take over the village by conspiring with other people like Orochimaru. Danzo’s goal towards Naruto Shippuden was to become the Hokage, and to bend the village accordingly to his rules. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. He did get to become Hokage once for a short period of time.

When Pain attacked Konoha, he laid low. He, and the ANBU didn’t do anything. After Naruto saved everyone, He rose to take over Tsunade’s position as the Hokage of Konohagakure. Because Tsunade was in a coma, they really did need a Hokage, and it seems Danzo was the one who was to be chosen. But the question remains, any didn’t Danzo try to become the Hokage earlier, when Hiruzen Sarutobi died.

Jiraiya was offered the position, and he said he’d get Tsunade for it. Danzo could’ve swooped in and become Hokage back then, but he didn’t, which is very strange. This has confused a lot of people, but it seems like fans have finally sorted out this mystery. In order to become Hokage back then, Danzo would have to make sure he was chosen, and he knew he was not the best candidate.

If he wanted the spot, he would have had to use Kotoamatsukami on the village heads, and secure his position. Now that would make sense, and it seems like something that would’ve been totally possible, but this is where things got complicated. The Hyuga Clan lived within Konoha, and they were one of the Four Noble clans. Thanks to the Byakugan, they would’ve easily detected Shisui’s Genjutsu being used.

Ao detected that the Fourth Mizukage was being controlled in a similar manner. So, had Danzo tried to become Hokage back then, he would need to use Kotoamatsukami and that was not a good idea with the Hyuga Clan around. So, he decided to wait until the time was perfect, and he was actually the leading candidate. Even then he had to use Kotoamatsukami when the Five Kage Summit began, and thus his status of a Kage was crushed.


A Legendary Naruto Shinobi You Never Really Knew About

Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about a legendary shinobi in Naruto that you most probably don’t know about. Of course, the name is something that you all are familiar with, but the hyped characters like Hashirama Senju, Minato Namikaze and such, usually cause the fandom to overlook the feats of other powerful shinobi that have existed in the past.

Today, I want to talk about Hanzo of the Salamander. Hanzo was a legendary shinobi from Amegakure. He was one of the strongest ever characters in the history of the series. Hanzo was introduced to us during the arc where Jiraiya went to investigate on Pain. At that point, it was mentioned that Hanzo was one of the Strongest shinobi to have ever lived.

Even Jiraiya was surprised when he found out that Hanzo was dead, and Pain overthrew him. In his prime, Hanzo had defeated even the strongest of Shinobi. He had taken on Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade and a platoon of Konoha ninjas all alone, and emerged victorious. Such was his skill. Lots of people say that the Sannin weren’t actually at full power back then, but that isn’t true. They were all at their prime during the 2nd Great Ninja War.

Hanzo was the one who named them the Legendary Sannin. Much of his skill is overlooked because Pain was able to kill him. So, a lot of people just assume that Pain was indeed stronger than him, which would in turn mean that Hanzo wasn’t as strong as he was made out to be. Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pain killed Hanzo years after the 2nd Great Ninja War, and close to the beginning of the Naruto series. It was after the 3rd Great Ninja War, and probably close to when Jiraiya died. Maybe a couple of years before that. At that point, Hanzo had already left the life of a Shinobi. He was old, and he was no longer a Ninja.

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