Pokemon With Increased Spawns During Valentine’s Event


Last year, it was a challenge to figure out what Niantic had in mind for Valentine’s day or if they would even host an event for the widely known Holiday. However, with short notice, Niantic gave us increased spawns for Pokemon that were pink.

Chansey, of course, being the rarest and most hunted Pokemon. We were also seeing more pink Pokemon hatching from eggs meaning hatching a Chansey from a 10km egg was decently common during the event. Chansey’s are still extremely hard to get, however, the recommended Pokemon to focus on catching during this event, isn’t a Chansey.

If you happen to get lucky and find one, go ahead and catch it, however, with generation 3 Pokemon being released just in time. There is another Pokemon to focus on catching that will help several trainers level up even faster. We will get to the list of Pokemon that will have increased spawns for the year 2018 in just a moment.

It’s not too certain why, but Whismur only takes 12 candies to evolve. This is really good because that adds another Pokemon to the mass evolution chain. Though, that isn’t the only Pokemon that was recently added to take 12 candies per first evolution. While it looks pink, it’s actually red.

pidgey pokemon go pizza corner halifax

Rather or not Wurmple will have an increased spawn, that’s not certain though focusing on Wurmpes and Whismurs during this event will definitely help trainers level up quickly. Be sure to Pinap berry most of them as well. It will only take two catches to get one thousand experience for the mass evolution!

Now to get on to the list of Pokemon we will be receiving this year. Surely, there will be some Pokemon that aren’t pink but will have an increased spawn anyways. Just like any other event the focuses on certain Pokemon for spawns.

Generation 1:

Clefairy> Clefable> Jigglypuff> Wigglytuff> Slowpoke> Slowbro> Exeggute> Lickitung> Chansey> Mr.Mime> Porygon

Generation 2:

Cleffa> Igglybuff> Flaffy> Hoppip> Snubull> Corsola> Smoochum> Miltank> Blissey

Generation 3:

Whismur> Skitty> Milotic> Gorebyss> Luvdisc


Pokemon GO Introduce Daily Bonuses To Pokestops

Pokemon Go was released a year and a half ago! At this point in the games life cycle, you would think one of the most important parts of the game would be working properly and have all the tweaks in needs finalized. Though, that isn’t the case. However, it does appear Niantic is changing them daily, or even weekly.

The Pokestops are Pokemon Go’s major features that are used in order to collect items which allows you to “progress” further into the game. When the game was first released. Trainers quickly realized the importance of these stops and request for more if their towns didn’t have plenty.

Pokémon GO: Does Putting Lures On Dead Pokestops Bring Them To Life?
Pokémon GO: Does Putting Lures On Dead Pokestops Bring Them To Life?

The loot table for these photospins did have a lot of items until generation 2 came out. Once that happened we saw new barries along with 5 evolution items used to evolve certain Pokemon in the game. Pokestops have been seen to favor items. Sometimes it would last for a day, sometimes it would last longer.

Pokemon Go Spinning Above speed limit

For all we know, Niantic is testing something pretty fun and interesting. Anyone who has played Trove or other games that hold these daily bonuses would know. In Trove, there are set days for certain bonuses. For example every Tuesday, there is a bonus for gathering materials.

This is a feature Niantic could add for Pokestops. Each day could be an increased bonus for certain items which we will go over shortly. Some may not like this, however, knowing that you have a good chance of collecting items you need would be motivating to get out and hit the stops. Continue Reading…

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