Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 Final Preview


Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 promises to be another entertaining, action-packed, electrifying episode, and if you are a fan of The Saiyan Prince.

This is one episode you will absolutely love, as Vegeta takes on the mortal with the power of a God of Destruction.

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Toppo broke bad in the last episode, he got rid of every bit of mercy and every bit of Justice and also apparently every bit of Cancer he had in himself, as we haven’t seen him Dab ever since he attained this form.

But oh boy he totally daddied Frieza, and beat the shit out of him. It was a bit satisfying to watch Prideful Frieza get beat like that, but daddy Toppo went so intense and so raw on him, you kind to feel bad for the emperor of Evil. No one saw that coming. I absolutely loved all the Toppo dominating Frieza memes, look at this one probably from Cap’n’ginyu, this cracked me up, I laughed more than I should. I don’t know, just feels like the meme perfectly summarizes last episode thing between Toppo and Frieza! Now we can do this is the easy or we can do this the hard way Frieza!Image may contain: text

However, I do agree all hell will break loose when Frieza returns from that embarrassment.  About Frieza, he barely survived, but he’s not seen in the preview. Neither is he mentioned in the spoilers, so most fans are assuming he might rise near the end of the tournament making a vital difference, and that’s the likely scenario. However, we can’t confirm that 100%, Frieza might even have a role eliminating Toppo since he was insulted or embarrassed that way by Toppo. Maybe the previews and spoilers didn’t want to ruin the climax, let’s see. Image may contain: text

Anyways, the Frieza part was an unlikely assumption, but what we have confirmed right now of course is Vegeta vs Toppo. Now, just a little reminder we saw a bit of Vegeta vs Toppo a few episodes back, but they didn’t finish it, Vegeta was like you are the second fiddle, I sleep.

Now that Toppo unleashed the beast inside him Vegeta is like now that’s some real shit mate, you got my attention.

Now, I’m going to throw some spoilers from Episode 127, as you know Preview Breakdowns by The Fan Guy are about trying to know and predict as much as possible about the upcoming episode!  So let’s check it out!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127: “ A Looming obstacle! Pinning hope on a Final Barrier!”

Airing Date- February 11th

No.17’s do-or-die actions!!

The Injured No.17 helps out Goku and Vegeta as they battle Jiren! No.17
Uses a life-risking strategy to support Goku and co. against Jiren’s overwhelming

This confirms some vital things; to start with Android 17, Goku and Vegeta from U7 would survive Episode 126. Toppo and Frieza is not mentioned, but the spoilers gives you a vibe as if Vegeta has already eliminated Toppo.

If I were to make a guess, I would say the same, that Vegeta would power up like a boss and take Toppo out, maybe with a bit of assistance from 17.

However, since Frieza is not mentioned there’s a logical possibility of him getting involved in one way or the other! He might even have a hand in eliminating Toppo, since Frieza would want to get back to him, and could potentially even get eliminated himself in the process.

Any way I do not think or want Frieza to be eliminated next. He’s like the most unpredictable material of the tournament, which keeps things interesting, and I want him till the end. Number 17 should be the next to go, and I think it would depend on how much damage he takes next episode, because in 127 he will try to take on Toppo, and if he is already damaged, I bet that’s when he will get eliminated.

Throughout 125 Toppo was absolutely unstoppable, a total monster. By the way guys, I totally love the design of Toppo’s transformation. It’s great to have Toppo and Jiren 2 muscular character, 2 real men as opponents; I was really getting tired of Dragon Ball Super bringing skinny or weirdly shaped characters.

Now all these muscular and tough looking fighters, make everything seem automatically serious and intense, in turn giving you a Dragon Ball Z vibe.

Toppo went so hardcore on Frieza, and smashed him so hard, and he was so untouchable that some fans even started wondering if he could be stronger than Jiren, which I by the way don’t think is the case.

So, Vegeta dealing with him sounds rather interesting, especially if he eliminates him.
Because the Toppo we saw was super tough, there must be a weakness; there must be a way Vegeta will outsmart him. Well, it was already mentioned that Toppo has one weakness that is he takes time to recharge and that’s when you can attack him. Also we have seen Frieza kind of like, defusing Toppo’s attacks with rocks. I don’t know the principle behind that.

But here we have a shot of Vegeta landing a clear blow on Toppo’s leg, and he’s not affected by the destruction God aura that surrounds Toppo.  So, in last episode we saw the Godly aura was working like a shield for him. 17’s ki shots failed to damage him, because of that energy of destruction. While Jiren is said to be stronger than a God, Toppo is now literally on par with Gods of Destruction.

Now he might not be as strong  or stronger than all the Gods. As power varies even among God of Destruction, but I bet he is stronger than someone like Sidra for example. While being on par with Belmod, and Beerus is probably stronger than Toppo.

So my man Vegeta, will now in a sense be surpassing Gods if he is in fact able to eliminate Toppo. Android 17 who actually did really well last episode, surviving Toppo’s outrage, might assist Vegeta in this regard.

But I find Vegeta vs Toppo interesting, and I think they should build it up as a long rivalry. Toppo is or was a God of Destruction candidate while although Vegeta isn’t exactly that, he is more of a candidate than Goku. Because remember although he didn’t agree Whis initially offered him to train if he was ready to become the next of God of Destruction. So this is like an epic clash between the Gods of Future or to be technically correct a clash between mortals who possess power and all the potential required to be a God!

So bringing back the question to how Vegeta connected a clear strike on Toppo’s Leg! Well a lot of fans are saying Toppo might only be strong on the upper body, and it connects to the Toppo skipping leg day memes, but it doesn’t look like that after the transformation!  Well one thing could be he has to keep the destruction energy in lower power near the legs to not destroy where he’s standing maybe, and you can’t fly in the battle royal that might be a disadvantage.

The other likely scenario is, Vegeta attacked him while he was charging up before unleashing the energy of destruction. That was said to be his weakness, but the problem as stated then; even while charging he has the Energy of Destruction aura shielding him. So Vegeta will be finding a way to bypass that, I have a feeling 17 might be involved with this and act as a distraction or something like that.

Preview mentions that Vegeta will be using a life threatening or a desperate attack. What could it be? It’s certainly not what he did against Buu, because that would kill him. It could be a full charged Full Charged Final Flash as shown in the manga or maybe they are calling the close shots Vegeta is taking at Toppo as life risking. It might be no particular but that Vegeta’s entire strategy is risking his life. This makes me wonder if hand to hand to comabt is going to be more effective against Toppo, because last episode Toppo mostly dealt with ki attacks or shots.

Meanwhile, this probably means Goku would be left alone with Jiren, unless 17 changes place with Vegeta and fights alongside Goku. 127 spoiler does inform that 17 will take a shot on Jiren. How much damage or struggle Vegeta has to go through to deal with Toppo, might tell us what he will be doing against Jiren. Because if he’s already battle damaged, that would justify him losing to Jiren before Goku.

That’s about all for the preview part.
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