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Hey guys. Tobirama Senju was the younger brother of Hashirama Senju. He was the smarter one of his brothers. In fact, he is among the smartest characters in the series. Tobirama Senju became the Second Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. He was made the Hokage after the death of his brother. Hashirama Senju actually had a very short reign. Anyway, under Tobirama’s leadership, the Hidden Leaf prospered a lot. He created a lot of things for the benefit of the Hidden Leaf.

He was the responsible for the creation of the Ninja Academy, Leaf Police and he even started the Chunin Exams in order to strengthen the relationship between the nations. One thing that has impressed me a lot about Tobirama Senju was his creativity. As I have already pointed out that Tobirama Senju was a genius shinobi. He put his mind to good use as he created several hundred jutsu. Many of these jutsu were really powerful and could defeat the strongest of shinobi. But very little people know that Tobirama is easily a god level shinobi. He is massively underrated unlike his massively overrated elder brother. Hashirama Senju did have the wood release but that was it.

Tobirama had a wide variety of jutsu which allowed him to cope with different situations. Let’s take the example of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Kaguya is the progenitors of chakra. She is known as the “Rabbit Goddess”. Kaguya is arguably the strongest character in the series. Now let us take a look at her powers.

First, Kaguya’s byakugan. The Shadow Clone jutsu is capable of deceiving the Sharingan, Byakugan and the Rinnegan. So, Kaguya can’t differentiate between Shadow Clones. Moving on, Tobirama also uses the Hiraishin. As we have already seen that Hiraishin can be used to hit the strongest of characters because of its unpredictability. Finally, the Mugen Tsukuyomi. The Mugen Tsukuyomi affects everyone except for Edo Tensei. So, reanimated shinobi are immune to the strongest Genjutsu in existence. With this set of jutsu, you can really match a Goddess. Tobirama is amazing and he is really underrated. There’s another thing that I’d like to point out, Tobirama is capable of using the same jutsu as Dan Kato, in which he can free his soul. I know it’s pretty hard to believe but here is the manga panel. So see it for yourself—

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The Secret Behind Jiraiya’s Family

Hey guys. There are many characters in Naruto whose backgrounds have remained a big mystery. We had a lot of hope that we will get to know the background of certain characters some time later in the series. But, as we know that the Naruto series has ended, and most probably these things will remain a mystery. One of the characters who is a fan favourite but we know very little about is Jiraiya.

Jiraiya is one of the Legendary Sannin, who trained under Hiruzen Sarutobi. Despite looking a knucklehead, Jiraiya was actually a splendid shinobi. He passed the Academy very easily. He was a part of the trio, which would later be known as the Legendary Sannin. One day while training, Jiraiya used reverse summoning and he was summoned at Mount Myoboku. Under the tutelage of the toads, Jiraiya learned to use natural energy and sage mode. He was never able to perfect the sage mode during his life time. However, his imperfect sage mode was in many ways better than the perfect sage mode. Jiraiya’s last moments were quite emotional as he was killed by his own student.

He could have escaped from the battle but he continued to fight in order to set an example for his godson, Naruto Uzumaki. We have no information about Jiraiya’s family. From his personality we could figure out that he loved to wander from one place to another. Jiraiya’s parentage is a big mystery. There is a very good theory about Tobirama Senju being the father of Jiraiya. A very few people have white hair in the series. Jiraiya and Tobirama both had white hair.

Adding to the hair, both of them had red lines running down from their eyes. Hiruzen was around 18-19 when he was named the Hokage and Tobirama would be 40+ when he died. It is possible that Jiraiya was born probably during the Second Great Ninja War or even before the beginning of the war. Tsunade and Jiraiya are of the same age. Tsunade was the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju. Hashirama didn’t look like he died after 45. He was revived as he looked like in the flashbacks. While as Hiruzen was revived old. So, when both of them were revived, their ages were unaltered. Of course, it is down to the time of marriage of Hashirama. So, if Jiraiya was the son of Tobirama, he would have obviously interacted with Tsunade before they were teammates.

That throws the whole Tobirama thing out of question.
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