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Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about something interesting that Eiichiro Oda recently mentioned in an interview. Being the creator of a such a huge series, Oda often doesn’t get the time to focus on each and every character individually. There have been so many characters whose backstory we want to know, but since the time isn’t right, we don’t know anything about them yet. A few such characters would be Monkey D. Garp, Gol D. Roger, and even more interestingly, Monkey D. Dragon.

All of them are huge characters, and they’ve played major roles in the series. But, most of that had been off-screened. Oda doesn’t have enough time to draw everything, but when the time a right, I believe he will.

Recently, Oda was asked about which characters he would like to go in detail about, if he could. Oda’s response was very interesting. Here’s what he had to say:

Translation credits go to Sandman from Arlong Park Forums.

Question: Which characters would you like to go into detail about if you had enough time?

Oda: Well, there is a helpful means named “cover story” in ONE PIECE for that purpose… Anyway, there remain some characters I want to go into detail. It would be interesting if I focus on Marines. I can come up with a magnificent story about Garp. I’d like to draw some relationship and talks between him and Akainu, Aokiji, Smoker, Hina, Coby who joined Marines one after another, Cypher Pol and Roger.

It would also be interesting if i focus on Revolutionary Army, mainly Dragon. Why do they intend to make a revolution? With what belief? How did they meet? The story about Luffy’s birth would be interesting. Many of those stories would be serious.

All of the stories about their lives lead to Luffy!! OK!! I’ll draw Luffy!!

So it seems Oda does plan to reveal the reason why Revolutionary Army started a Revolution. Further, it seems that the birth of Luffy is also going to be something huge. He also mentioned that everything, from the Revolution, to the Marines, will somehow be tied down to Luffy. I’m really interesting to see what Day can come up with. This is probably something that he has given a lot of thought. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long before we get to know Dragon’s backstory. I hope it happens around the Reverie Arc. But that’s it from me, guys. I’ll see you all soon.


Something Huge That You Didn’t Notice In The Latest One Piece Chapter

One Piece Chapter 892 was out a couple of days ago, and I hope that you all have read it already. If you haven’t, then you’ll be spoiled, so I suggest reading the chapter before continuing with this post. If you have already read it, let’s begin. One Piece resumed after a two week break with Chapter 892, and I think it didn’t disappoint.

Usually, One Piece I’d really good and Oda barely ever delivers a boring chapter. This one was pretty great as well. There wasn’t a lot of action during this chapter, but the information that we received, and the build-up we got was absolutely amazing. There were a lot of great moments that stood out during the chapter. I know that a lot of you are probably thinking about Luffy vs Katakuri, and how Luffy was given the “Whitebeard treatment” by Katakuri, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

I actually want to talk about Big Mom. During Chapter 892, we saw that Big Mom finally noticed the cake on Bege’s ship, and she left the Strawhats and began chasing it. Bege himself turned around and headed to liquor island, which was nearby. Sanji, and Pudding left and got on to the Thousand Sunny.

Meanwhile, the Big Mom Pirate Fleet split into two. Perospero was leading the Fleet that followed Big Mom and Capone Bege, while Charlotte Smoothie was now following the Strawhat Pirates. It looks like there is no escape from Whole Cake Island for them right now, but I’m sure something will open up.

When Capone reaches the Liquor island, he will feed the cake to Big Mom, and after she eats it, he will try to assassinate her once again. The last attempt failed badly, but it looks like he isn’t giving up. This time assassinating Big Mom will be a lot easier for him because Sanji’s cake can potentially knock her out.

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