Push Notifications Being Sent To Wrong Trainers?

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Push notifications have been inside Pokemon GO for some time now. However, most of the time they are sent out later than what the information being provided is entering the game. Rather or not Niantic plans on trying to actually fix that small issue or not. It’s uncertain. This bug has been in the game ever since the notifications were first introduced into the game.

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Occasionally, trainers who have the notifications turned on will receive a notification about the progression on their account. Some of the most common ones involve a trainers level progression. What if you are level 40, though? You wouldn’t think a level 40 trainer will see notifications regarding their level, however, that isn’t the case for this level 40 trainer.

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It would make a little more sense if this trainer was a level 40 team Harmony trainers. Though, they are a level 40 mystic Pokemon master. For those who might not know what team Harmony is. They are basically teamless players who choose not to pick a team. However, they can’t interact with gyms until they choose a team.

Pokémon GO: Gym’s Will Be Temporarily Disabled On The 16th Of June
Pokémon GO: Gym’s Will Be Temporarily Disabled On The 16th Of June

The reason it would make sense for this notification showing up on trainers feed box above level 5 as a team Harmony player. Well, it’s because the game still registers their accounts as not selecting a gym.

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For a level 40 trainer to get this notification as a team player, it’s just completely odd. Honestly, Niantic could probably just scrap their notification feature altogether. It’s not very useful and is always a week or so behind the content it’s promoting. While it might be useful in some of their other games and most likely future content. Niantic should focus more on other bugs and spawning issues over their notifications.

Honestly, Harry Potter Go is when they should work more on their notifications to try and bring it back alive. Harry Potter is thought to be much larger than Pokemon GO. John Hanke doesn’t have a lot of room to mess up on the black magic game millions of people are waiting for.

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Niantic Introduce Daily Bonuses To Pokestops

Pokemon Go was released a year and a half ago! At this point in the games life cycle, you would think one of the most important parts of the game would be working properly and have all the tweaks in needs finalized. Though, that isn’t the case. However, it does appear Niantic is changing them daily, or even weekly.

The Pokestops are Pokemon Go’s major features that are used in order to collect items which allows you to “progress” further into the game. When the game was first released. Trainers quickly realized the importance of these stops and request for more if their towns didn’t have plenty.

Pokémon GO: Does Putting Lures On Dead Pokestops Bring Them To Life?
Pokémon GO: Does Putting Lures On Dead Pokestops Bring Them To Life?

The loot table for these photospins did have a lot of items until generation 2 came out. Once that happened we saw new barries along with 5 evolution items used to evolve certain Pokemon in the game. Pokestops have been seen to favor items. Sometimes it would last for a day, sometimes it would last longer.

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For all we know, Niantic is testing something pretty fun and interesting. Anyone who has played Trove or other games that hold these daily bonuses would know. In Trove, there are set days for certain bonuses. For example every Tuesday, there is a bonus for gathering materials.

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