Boruto Episode 43 Leaked Spoilers – A Strong Shinobi or Plot Hole?


Hey everyone, it is Perswayable here and today we are going to discuss about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 43 and a potential plot hole (or an amazing shinobi is about to appear). In the leaked spoilers and preview for the upcoming episode, viewers saw a glimpse of the mysterious Byakuya Gang and one of the users utilizing the ice element.

Boruto:: Naruto Next Generations Episode 43

For those who do not remember, Ice Release (or ice element in general) is an incredibly rare jutsu. In the beginning of the Naruto series, the first user utilizing ice release was Haku; he was able to create ice out of thin air. Haku’s ability was considered a Kekkei Genkai and an ability Kakashi’s Sharingan was unable to reproduce.

Others have been able to use ice, but the conditions were different. For example, “In Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (considered non-canon anyways), several of the Yukigakure ninja also had the ability to use Ice Release techniques. However, this was not the product of a similar kekkei genkai, as demonstrated by Kakashi’s ability to replicate one of these techniques with his Sharingan. Unlike Haku, who could create his own ice, the Yukigakure ninja had to manipulate pre-existing ice.”

Therefore, the next few episodes are crucial because if an individual is utilizing ice release, hopefully the story line provides reasoning for the user’s ability to manipulate ice. The explanation must somehow provide the viewer the ability to differentiate between Haku’s Kekkei Genkai and this new ability; otherwise, it’s a plot hole. Even so, because ice release is so rare (outside of snow), the shinobi should be quite spectacular or it will be a major let down for many viewers. Next episode, hopefully, will tell. Do you have something to add or reflect? Feel free to reach out to me on Social Media! I respond to all inquiries!


New Designs For Upcoming Boruto Arc Revealed

Hey guys. Boruto is heading into another new arc after the recent Arc which recently ended. The most recent episode was pretty average if you ask me. But, I’m sure there are sections of fans who enjoyed it. The episode was actually based on events that took place in real life. The plot of the episode was inspired by a real life event, which is really interesting. The episode with everyone going back to all smiles. Boruto is developing quite well as a character.

The next Arc will be focused on an eccentric band of robbers. What I mean by eccentric is that this group of robbers are actually friends of the common people. Their real name is the Byakuyadan. They are also known as the “Gentlemen Thieves”. Recently the designs of the new characters were revealed for the upcoming arc. Thanks to we were able to get a glimpse of these designs. You can see them below—

There are two characters whose names are revealed. One is Ryougi and the other one is Gekkou. Ryougi looks around the same age as Boruto and the others. The interesting thing is that he became friends with Shikadai over Shougi. He might turn to be an interesting character like Kagura from the Hidden Mist Village.

Gekkou is a mature man as you can see. It looks like that he might be the boss of the Byakuyadan. The thing that intrigues me the most is, “Why did they start the Byakuyadan?” I’m expecting some sort of an answer to this question in the upcoming episode. It also seems that the Byakuyadan are pretty clever as they manipulated the game developer from the previous episode into doing what they desired of him.

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