DBS Episodes 124-125 NEW Summaries!!


He everyone, unlike the usual today we got TV guide spoilers and it didn’t happen since September, anyways let’s dive into these spoilers and dissect them!

Episode 124: “A stormy fierce attack! Gohan fights with his back to the wall!” Goku and Vegeta keep up their fierce attack, but Jiren fights back hard.

Episode 125: “Majestic! Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo!” Just as number 17 and Frieza have Toppo cornered, something strange starts happening to him.

That’s it for the spoilers of today, I know they’re too short compared to the usual spoilers, it’s because of they’re coming from a TV guide, don’t expect them to spoil you half of the episode. So what we know is that Goku and Vegeta are still battling Jiren but, Jiren doesn’t seem to be anywhere at his full power, despite Goku going Kaio Ken and despite Vegeta’s NEW FORM, it is not enough to beat Jiren.

Episode 124 will revolve mainly around the fight with Dyspo. The spoilers above leaves us with so many questions, the main one being what happened to Gohan?! he is not even mentioned, and why is Frieza fighting Toppo with no. 17 now?! are Gohan and Dyspo out of the ring?! or just used their full powers and got tired we don’t know for sure we’ll have to wait until this Saturday/Sunday to find out what’s happened to them.


8 Non-Dragon Ball Characters Who Can Beat Goku

Goku is the strongest in anime-verse you might think he is invincible.After achieving the God-Ki Goku surpassed the highest level of power there are only a few within the anime-verse who could dare challenge him and can actually have a chance to win against the power and Ki of Goku.

Without any further delay, let’s start our list of Non Dragon Ball Characters Who Can Beat Goku

 **Numbers doesn’t show the rank of particular character.**

8. Alucard – Hellsing Ultimate

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Alucard is so strong that his power has never been tested. In fact, this bloodsucker has to hold back in every single fight he’s ever been in. Not only is he ferocious, but Alucard is also exceedingly cruel.His list of abilities is extensive, even in comparison to Goku’s. He can regenerate even from being complete annihilated, he can become completely intangible, rendering Goku’s punches and kicks practically useless, and he can shapeshift as well.

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In addition, he has senses that outmatch Goku’s in every way and has perfect accuracy in everything he chooses to do.To top it off, Alucard is a hemophage. He drinks blood. Between his insane power and underhanded capabilities, one bite would be all it took for Goku to become his slave.


7. Super Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagan – Gurren Lagann

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Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is 12.8 billion light-years tall, according to the official guidebook from GAINAX. This makes it about 58% the size of the observable universe, which spans 91 billion light years.After transforming into its drill form, its size is multiplied significantly, since its Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill is at least ten times longer (528 billion light years), and about four times wider. This gives it a cone area over 180 times the size of the Super Tengen Toppa, and a multiversal scale the size of over 100 universes.

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TTGL Swipes at goku, and goku dodges. TTGL pulls out two drills and shoves them at Goku, Goku Kamehameha’s both of them and destroy them, Goku’s Kamehameha does no effect on TTGL otherwise. Goku is surprised, but goes in and tries to attack TTGL, TTGL knocks Goku back and fires multiple missiles, Goku tries to destroy them, but they end up hitting him due to it being impossible to miss. The sheer power of the missiles, hurt Goku but not by much Goku transforms to Super Saiyan Blue and charges another Kamehameha, He fires it at full power, TTGL doesn’t flinch and smacks Goku, Goku flies far away then flies back.

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Goku taps into Kaioken. He moves around at super speeds and breaks through almost all of the defenses, however, with reality warping it heals almost immediately and forces Goku outside TTGL. Goku Get’s tired and taps out of Kaioken. He pulls one last plan and Instant Transmissions into TTGL, Goku kills a pilot, but before he can move on, he is teleported out and the pilot is brought back to life. Goku charges in with one last Dragon Fist, and TTGL charges Giga Drill Break, Goku’s Dragon Fist Fails and Goku dies.


6. Saitama – One Punch Man

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One Punch Man is so named because of his obvious power: The ability to end literally any fight with a single punch. He is likely to be one of the strongest anime characters ever to grace the television screen, and Goku would stand no chance against him. When a huge meteor was about to fall on his hometown, Saitama literally punched it away.

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This goofy, lazy man who really loves Udon noodles punches his way through any battle and his goofiness belies his strength. If a situation arose where One Punch Man was to go toe to toe with Goku, all it would take was one punch from Saitama to not only end the fight, but also demolish every Saiyan on the planet, and every hopeful ancestor he may have had.


5. Kami Tenchi – Tenchi Muyo!

The whole purpose of creation is the search for this higher power conducted by the Choushin. Tenchi Masaki is the incarnation of this “God”, which is why he has the ability to create Light Hawk Wings by his own power, as well as his other mysterious abilities. He was able to effortlessly stop the Counter-Actor.

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Tenchi’s godly self-ascending and nearly automatically destroying all of hyperdimensional existence.In OVA 3, after Tenchi is sliced in half by Z, the only other person besides Tenchi who can produce Light Hawk Wings (as a result of the Choushin Tokimi’s interference), his power erupts from inside himself and almost automatically destroys all of existence.

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Tenchi hatches out of his mortal shell, causing him great pain because he was not ready to ascend to a higher dimension yet. However, Tenchi, in his godly state, is able to calm himself down, reminding him what he lives and fights for (his girls/family).Kami Tenchi then proceeds to calm down the raging Counter-Actor, kisses her resulting in its power receding, and vanishes out of sight with her.