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How is it going boys and girls? I hope all of you have been doing great. Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 just came out this weekend and with all the hype that came with it, the episode actually managed to break the internet.

Dragon Ball Super Streaming Sites like Crunchyroll and FUNimation crashed due to excessive traffic towards their websites obviously fueled by Episode 122.  So, I guess it’s safe to say that the hype was real with this one!


However, I am not here to talk about how Vegeta did in the episode against Jiren or what else happened in the episode with this video. Instead, I’m going to talk about what was teased and hinted at the ending of the episode and also in the preview. In the ending of the episode, even though it looked like Vegeta gave Jiren everything he had and then some, it simply just wasn’t enough to get the job done. Jiren, after taking a full powered Final Flash to the face, came back without a mark on him and blasted Vegeta with an energy blast of his own. The blast seemed to have fatally injured The king of Badass quotes, and left him in a state of utter powerlessness.

Although things may not look too good for Vegeta, but this is where things started to get interesting. A lot of the fans speculated that as Vegeta’s eyes turned grey after he was left unconscious with the huge energy blast by Jiren, these grey eyes must be indication that Vegeta will be getting Ultra instinct in the coming episodes. To that theory, I say, it’s stupid. I mean Vegeta’s eyes were drawn grey to show that he’s totally out of it or that he’s seeing stars, not that he has unlocked ultra-instinct.

However, the first hint at Vegeta getting a new form is that he was left in a state where he’s completely helpless and powerless. This is almost exactly like the time when Goku was fighting Jiren for the first time, and the state Goku was in after Jiren deflected and reversed Goku’s Genki Dama or Spirit bomb with just looking at it funny. We all know surviving and recovering from near fatal injuries is something that the Saiyans use to get a boost in their power level. May be Vegeta in this occasion will use the Zenkai boost to potentially unlock his new form.

Perhaps the biggest confirmation of Vegeta’s new form or newly found powers came during the preview of the next episode as it basically said that Vegeta will awaken a new power that is beyond Super Saiyan Blue. Now this is where it all gets interesting, folks. A lot of Dragon Ball Super and Vegeta fans seem to think that this is an indication of Vegeta awakening the attacking half of Ultra-instinct. They have good reason to think that as well. Goku now already has the defensive half of Ultra-Instinct and Vegeta can’t be left too far behind. So, it’s almost fitting that Vegeta may get the Attacking half of U-I. and This way, the door for a future appearance from Vegito, who’ll have the mastered version Ultra Instinct remains open.

However, I just don’t think that that’s the route the writers are going to go take, in this arc. I think Vegeta will awaken some sort of power in the next episode, but it definitely won’t be Ultra Instinct or remotely close to that. I mean, even during episode 122 Vegeta himself says that Goku can have his Ultra Instinct, and that he’ll have his own way to get stronger and defeat Jiren.

This is quite interesting, as Vegeta has already been seen surpassing Goku while still being in a level or form behind him in multiple occasions. Allow me to jog your memory. In the Battle of Gods arc, an Enraged Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta smacked Beerus around for quite a bit, while a Super Saiyan 3 Goku couldn’t mount any offense on the God of Destruction. Similarly, in the ongoing Tournament of power arc, Vegeta in his regular Blue form WITHOUT ultra-instinct dodged Jiren’s fury of high speed punches and landed a couple of blows of his own. This is something super saiyan blue Goku couldn’t do even with the Kaioken times 20 power boost.

Now, the clips and images, we got from the ending and the preview it looks like Vegeta’s new form is an upgrade of Super Saiyan Blue. Whether you want to call it super saiyan Blue two or Perfect Super Saiyan blue, it’s definitely very different from the Super Saiyan blue form that we’re familiar with.

While Goku always had his Kaioken technique to push his powers further beyond of a Super Saiyan Blue, the blue form is all vegeta has. I mean, he doesn’t have a technique that will automatically boost his powers like Goku does. So, he can only try to perfect his blue form in such a way that it will no longer drain him. That way he can release more power while still in the blue form and sustain it for a longer period of time. From the last scene, that’s exactly what it looks like. We see Goku and Vegeta fully powered up, but vegeta’s aura looks quite different from his regular Blue aura. The sparkles around his aura seems to be quite different and larger, as well as his hair and aura seems to have a darker shade of blue to it.

And if even that wasn’t enough proof for all of you, skeptical fans out there, allow me to get into a little bit of spoilers from episode 126. So Spoiler alert. The leaked probable title for episode 126 is “Surpass even a God, Vegeta’s Life risking blow”. I’m not going to get into this too much, as that’s a video of its own. But, this title right here 100% confirms that Vegeta will be getting a new form and it will help him Surpass the Gods.

Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue 2?

Now, this is one of the biggest reason why I think Vegeta will be taking a different route from Goku to reach his peak of power. Because Even if Vegeta unlocks Ultra Instinct, that simply wouldn’t put him beyond the Gods. As we know there are two halves of U-I and you also have to Master it. So, simply unlocking ultra-instinct just wouldn’t take Vegeta to the God’s level or beyond it.

Plus, take a look at this image from the ending, Vegeta’s eyes seem to have black pupils in them along with a darker shade of blue in his aura and hair. This has never been seen before. We’ve never seen Pupils drawn in Goku or Vegeta in their regular blue form. So, Vegeta has to have a new form or some sort of newly found power up. And taking all of this into account along with the fact that Vegeta has basically given up on chasing after whatever new shiney toy Goku gets to play with, almost confirms, that the power boost Vegeta will get, be it through a transformation or through perfecting Super Saiyan blue, he will get it without directly relying on ultra-instinct.

That’s about all for now!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Vegeta will get a new form?


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