What will defeat Jiren? Ultra instict or Vegeta and Goku Teamwork?

The tournament of power is almost at its end, with just two universes remaining. It is time for the inevitable. With only universe 7 and 8 left, it is time for the final confrontations. Jiren is finally on the move and his universe seems to be superior so far. Goku’s ultra instinct isn’t showing any signs of returning as well. Besides we might have already had enough of it. Vegeta wants to prove himself as well, but as usual, he ends up getting his butt kicked. This roughly summarises what’s been happening so far. which leaves us with the big question. What will take down Jiren? well lets see if we can figure it out!
 We should consider what has seemed to give Jiren some trouble up to so far. I need not mention it as we all know about Ultra instinct. Even if it pushed Jiren back twice, it appeared to be not enough as he didn’t even need to unleash his full powers. And Goku hasn’t mastered it so it adds as another drawback. So far Goku has attempted it twice, and given that it is said to be very rare to achieve even for the Gods of destruction. It would diminish Ultra instinct itself if we see Goku achieving it multiple times in just a period of 38 minutes.
 If the last battles are to be interesting we’d rather not see more of ultra instinct but instead see Goku and Vegeta’s teamwork that whis once praised. You would remember that whis once said that if Goku and Vegeta could combine forces and work together they could be unstoppable. So it should be about time we see them tag against Jiren and unleash their combined powers. After all its been a while since we see Goku and Vegeta working together except when they were training with Whis.
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