Dragon Ball Super Episode 124-126 Latest Spoilers


Shortly after Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 another bomb was dropped, we now have detailed spoilers of Dragon Ball Super Episode 123-126, and brothers this reveals a ton of information about upcoming episodes.

So Hell Yeah We Got Some Major Spoilers! Out of this batch we already had 123’s spoilers so this is mainly for ‘Dragon Ball Super Episode 124-126‘ although I’ll mention all.

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Let’s get right to it-

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123- Body and Mind, Full Power Release! Goku and Vegeta!!

Battle between Goku and Jiren begins once more. Although Goku attacks Jiren with everything he’s got, nothing seems to work. Next, Goku throws a cluster of many destructo discs everywhere, but that doesn’t work either. Then, Vegeta also releases his ki and starts to give off a blue glow.

Now Vegeta is certainly up to something. He is absolutely going beyond Super Saiyan Blue as mentioned in the episode 123 preview trailer. If you look at the new ending theme song of DBS, Vegeta’s apparent SSB form looks different.  Pay attention to his eyes, pupils and even hair color it’s not like typical SSB, its shiny or in a way glowing.  This could be the anime version of completed Super Saiyan Blue form as shown in the manga earlier on or they could be doing a new concept like SSB2 similar to Super Saiyan 2 and so on. A lot of fans are speculating or calling it Ultra Blue. However, even if that’s the case, I don’t think it will be happening in the next episode, but there’s a follow up to this on Episode 126, and I’ll be talking more about that later in this video.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 124- Fierce Rush Attack! Gohan’s Final Stand!!

While Goku and Vegeta are fighting Jiren, Frieza makes a proposal to Dyspo. He says, “If Universe 11 wins, use the Super Dragon Balls to revive me. If you can promise me that, I will happily team up with Universe 11”

Now this is a big one, one of the most unpredictable element of this arc, even more so than the outcome of the tournament is Frieza. If we try to predict the eventual outcome, it looks quite bland, both Universe 11 and 7 are filled with good guys. No matter who wins, it’s more or less expected that they’ll wish them all back. However, Frieza could be a problem in this equation of much expected outcome.  The fans have been discussing what Frieza’s motive might be and if and when he will betray. The thing about Frieza is he is absolutely unpredictable, he could do right about anything, and that is what makes the character so interesting and special.  So even if Frieza makes that proposal and Universe 11 expects, we still couldn’t know. It might still be a tactical move from Frieza and he might then turn his back on U11 in an opportune moment.

However, Universe 11 accepting his offer is also highly unlikely. They are good people and also have a lot of pride, not to mention Jiren is participating mainly to get the Super Dragon Ball wish so I don’t think they would want to promise Frieza a wish, Jiren is already fighting for. Then again it’s about survival so there’s that little what if question, let’s wait and see.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125- God of Destruction Toppo! Pure Overwhelming Power!

Now this is going to be the episode of Toppo. Among all the Jiren hype this badass has been overshadowed a bit. He is the toughest fu*ker in the tournament of power, while Jiren dodges or turns back your attacks cleverly, this guy will take the best of your shots head on and come out unscratched.

The real question is who he will be fighting. From other batch of spoilers we do know 17 and Gohan will team up and try to take him out, but their attempt will fail.

This makes me wonder if they’ll come back to the entire Vegeta-Toppo rivalry they teased earlier on in the battle royal. Who knows maybe the outrageous power of Vegeta that is teased on Episode 126 title will be first unleashed against Toppo.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126- Surpassing even the Gods! Vegeta’s Life Threatening Move!

Following up from Episode 123, now it looks like the real power breaking moment of Vegeta will come in this episode and 123 will only foreshadow it or start building up to it.
Now The title is seriously hyping up and giving us the Vegeta fans every reason to get our hopes through the roofs.

It hinting that his ultimate power might even be surpassing the Gods! The possibilities are limitless!

It could be about Ultra Instinct, it could be about a combination of Blue and Ultra. Topping it off with Vegeta unleashing a monstrous attack!

In last episode, Vegeta was overpowered even after giving everything he had shown as of now. But, he is coming back again in 123, this is when he is starting to go beyond his limits.

Guys, what do you think about it?

Do you want Vegeta to unlock Ultra Instinct, maybe an offense-dominant UI.

or in this tournament do you want to see Vegeta taking a different path, in mastering Super Saiyan Blue. While Goku fights with UI. So that afterward both of them have something new to learn.

Comment your thoughts, opinions, theories, and predictions down below!

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