Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Latest- Goku’s Completed Super Saiyan Blue?


Guys, previously we got some spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 123-125, but those were short versions of what’s usually revealed.

So, currently, we are waiting for another batch of reveals where the preview summary will have more information and hints about the upcoming episodes.

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But right now, we already have in hand, more spoilers that is, a more detailed preview summary of Dragon Ball Super Episode 123, and this will give you a better idea as to what to expect. Hopefully getting you all even more hyped.

Here I’m going use the translation done by KenXyro-

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Title- Entire power of body and mind unleashed, Goku and Vegeta!!

Despite doing his best, Vegeta still loses to Jiren. And then, Goku finally challenges Jiren! For this final battle, Goku transforms into full-powered Super Saiyan Blue!

This week Gohan-

Attacking the enemy along with no.17?!

Grabbing Toppo closely, 17 blocks Toppo’s movements and orders Gohan to take them both out at the same time. However, Gohan is hesitant to attack and they lose their opportunity to take out Toppo…

Guys, do note that this has been translated with different interpretations. Goku’s full-powered Super Saiyan Blue is certainly the most intriguing part of it, and here it indeed sounds like a max-powered Super Saiyan Blue, but if you check out the translations done by Herms, its stated as if Goku is back to his full power in general you know after previously draining his energy by encounters with Jiren and then Kefla and so on. Then he is going Super Saiyan Blue.

However, it’s probably about Full-Powered Super Saiyan Blue, a mastered state of the form, which has already been shown in the manga. It’s actually something that was expected to happen at some point, it already happened in the manga, and it’s going to happen in the anime too, even if not on 123, sometimes soon. Image result for Completed Super Saiyan Blue Manga

Anyways the Completed Super Saiyan Blue form showed a significant improvement. Goku was able to take on Fused Zamasu alone using it. Later Vegeta also attains it, puts up a fight with Beerus, and although he was defeated quite easily Beerus admitted that Vegeta had become stronger, and the power gap is reducing.

It is this state which enabled Goku to use Hakai or The Destruction Technique. Yeah, it’s incredible. Basically it allows them to maintain the peak of SSB longer, reducing the energy drainage and the fast rate of exhaustion kicking in.Image result for goku and vegeta vs whis

I think it would make perfect sense to show that even in the anime, because Goku and Vegeta have been training long under Whis to get better at it, and we do see a lot of limitations with SSB, especially with Stamina. So it would be cool to see them getting a level ahead, all that extra training would only make sense if it made a difference.

There’s not much visual difference apart from the absence of the aura, which signifies the fact that it’s saving as much energy as possible. This could open a lot of possibilities, now with proper hold on SSB, who knows if Goku can combine Ultra Instinct with it.

We already got a Ultra Look of Goku, that is yet to be seen on the show, where his shirt is ripped off, there’s a combination of blue-red aura and the UI glow. Goku is fighting Jiren again, and I think he is getting closer to that look, and who knows, maybe this full powered Super Saiyan Blue form will be a contributing factor to it.

The other part of the spoiler gives us an idea that there will be an effort from Android 17 and Gohan to eliminate Toppo, but due to Gohan being Gohan that won’t be happening, and we know this mistake of Gohan is going to cost a lot.

As from Episode 125 spoilers it’s pretty clear that Toppo will be unleashing hell in that episode. I think Android 17 should get eliminated next, but then again 124 title mentions Gohan’s final stand, so you never really know.

However, 17 should be the next to go otherwise a lot of Gohan fans will be seriously upset. Who knows maybe by 125 both of them will be gone, and maybe Frieza will be the one fighting him.
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If I were to randomly guess I would say 17 gets eliminated in Episode 123,  Dyspo gets eliminated in Episode 124. So, it’ll be 2 vs 4 by the time we are on 125. As Goku and Vegeta fights Jiren while Gohan and Frieza fights Toppo, but again that’s just me randomly predicting for fun.

Comment your thoughts and opinion down below!

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