DBS Episodes 123 to 126 TITLES and SPOILERS


Hello everyone, we just got the titles and summaries for Dragon Ball Super’s episodes 123 to 126 and it’s HUGE as always, major things are bound to happen in the last remaining minutes of the tournament so if you are not the guy who likes to find out what happens next this is your last warning leave…

Episode 123 title “Full power of mind and Body unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!”

Summary: “Only Universe 11 and 7, led by Son Goku remain in the tournament of power. Only 7 Minutes remain in the tournament. Vegeta uses all of his power to fight against Jiren of Universe 11, ut Jiren doesn’t lose even then. On the other hand, Vegeta is severely wounded and is now in trouble.

Episode 124 title “Fierce rush Attack! Gohan’s final stand!”

Summary: “Even though Goku ad Vegeta team up to attack Jiren, they barely manage to land a hit on him, on the other hand, it looks like Jiren’s power level increased even further. at that time Gohan of Universe 7 goes in to help Frieza fight against Dyspo of Universe 11.”

Episode 125 title “God of Destruction Toppo appears! Pure overwhelming Power!” no summary for this one.

Episode 126 title “not yet decided” will eventually be revealed in the next coming weeks.

Did you notice that Android 17 isn’t mentioned in any of the summaries above, does that mean he is eliminated my prediction is that he will be eliminated by either Toppo or Dyspo. Thanks to Ken Xyro, GovetaXV and Yonkou Productions on Twitter for bringing and translating these spoilers for us.

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