DBS Episode 123 -125 Title Reveled With Big Spoilers


As soon as DBS community saw the new leaks Ken Xyro, GovetaXV and Yonkou Productions on Twitter brought us amazing and mind-boggling spoilers.We just got the titles and summaries for Dragon Ball Super’s episodes 123 to 126 and it’s HUGE as always, major things are bound to happen in the last remaining minutes of the tournament so if you are not the guy who likes to find out what happens next this is your last warning to leave.

Episode 123

“Full power of mind and Body unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!”


The summary of this episode says “Only Universe 11 and 7, led by Son Goku are remaining in the tournament of power.As the final 7 Minutes are remaining before TOP ends.As Jiren’s and Vegeta’s fight enters its final stage Vegeta uses all of his power to fight against Jiren of Universe 11, even after that extensive damage and efforts Jiren doesn’t lose. On the other hand, Vegeta is severely wounded and is now in trouble.”

Episode 124

Fierce rush Attack! Gohan’s final stand!

As the translation came summery of this episode mentions “Even though Goku and Vegeta joined forces to attack Jiren, they barely manage to land a single hit on him,on the other hand, it looks like Jiren’s power level increased even further.” This gives us we will be seeing both the Saiyans fighting against Jiren even though they are too out of stamina and power.”During all this, Gohan tags with Frieza to help him and fight against Dyspo of Universe 11.

Episode 125 

God of Destruction Toppo appears! Pure overwhelming Power!

There’s no official summary for this one by any sources although according to me as the leaked title mention Toppo may have achieved a godly state or aura in which he seems undefeatable.

Toppo, Jiren and Dyspo dragon ball super

Episode 126 title “not yet decided” will eventually be revealed in the next coming weeks.

Also as you guys must have noticed that Android 17 isn’t mentioned in any of the summaries above or in any titles, does that mean he is eliminated by the U11 member or is hiding in despair?What do you guys think?Lemme hear you guys out in the comments or you can get connected with me on Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram. Stay tuned for more.


Dragon Ball Super 2018 Confirmed Movie About The Original Super Saiyan God?

The Movie has been announced by TOEI in Jump Fiesta- Which is like the biggest anime comic-con like thing of Japan. Of course the movie script and character designs will be done lead by Akira Toriyama.

We the fans started talking about this like a month ago, when what now looks like they bought the domain for Dragon Ball Super 2019, 2020 and so on. Something that they do when they launch Dragon Ball Movies, so yeah the expectation was there and they finally confirmed it.Image result for Goku v Jiren

And it was a long time coming, because the last movie was in 2015, that being resurrection F, and despite being massively successful, and Dragon Ball being at the peak of its popularity of recent times thanks to Dragon Ball Super we didn’t get any movies in 2016 or 17, but if you look back at the 90’s. We were getting like movies every year, heck 2 Dragon Ball Z movies every year.

So the return in the Movie business for Dragon Ball is certainly exciting news for us the fans.

Now, the biggest question obviously is, what this movie is going to be about.

Well, they have not made it clear as of yet, there’s no official story confirmation or any teaser or trailer or anything like that out as of yet. We do have some hints that’ll be covered in this video, but if you are waiting for a proper trailer, it might not come anytime soon, especially if the movie has anything to do with the current storyline of DBS and the aftermath of The Tournament of Power. Because Universal Survival Arc is supposed to last up to March, maybe some of it might be fillers, and we might be done by the end of February with the main story, I think that’s when they might drop the trailer. It also has to do with the release date of the movie, which has not been updated as of yet either. More information might come in anytime now, their official website is only teasing the movie, there’s no poster or release date or anything like that. However, we might get short teasers soon if they are done with some of the animations.
About the Movie, Yonkouproductions posted, that it’s supposed to be about  ‘ The strongest combat race in the Universe: Saiyans’. The movie will depict the origin of Goku and co. strength.

Now, the second part makes it sound like it might be like a history repeat with some additions.  Were we are retold some of the stories from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, explore more about the characters, maybe get some information that we didn’t get before, maybe a more in-depth look to Vegeta’s…



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