Dragon Ball Super Episode 121- Top 3 Moments


Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 was simply EPIC! The entirety of this episode was entertaining; action packed and gave us all an awesome time. After watching the beast on the preview last week, all the fans were excited, and Aniraza indeed lived up to the Hype.

Dragon Ball Fanverse rated the episode 8/10, but I’ll go higher and give 8.8/10.

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Because this episode didn’t have a single minute where the fans could get minutely bored, they started with intensity and maintained that till the end of the episode. However, for one reason only after watching the episode I got a bit angry, and I’ll talk about that later in this video.

Let’s have a quick Top 3 Moments-

Number 3-  Android 18’s Sacrifice to Save 17

This one was really satisfying from multiple angles. First, it was a nice way to go for her, reinforce the brother-sister bond between them, she wasn’t defeated, it was a sacrifice for the greater good, so she left on a high note. I bet all the Android 18 fans liked it.
Secondly, I thought 18’s elimination was long overdue, Piccolo deserved to last longer than her. To top that up, most fans were assuming that 17 will be the one to go this time because 121 preview made it look like that also there were some fan theories going around. So it’s good to still have the better android in the tournament.

Number 2- Android 17 vs Aniraza

This is the most badass Android 17 moment in Dragon Ball Super, and he lived up to the expectation and made 18’s sacrifice worth it. So, Aniraza’s raw power was beyond anything I was expecting. He outmatched 5 U7 warriors at once in hand to hand combat, and then on beam or ki struggle. Despite 5 of the strongest warriors of U7 going almost full powered with Golden Frieza, Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta, Aniraza’s power ball was still turning out to be more powerful. As those 4 fighters of U3 was merged and could probably use their combined energy better than U7 warriors, but this is where 17 changed the equation. While the four held back Aniraza’s attack, 17 energy shielded himself and pierced through it to land a blow on the monster’s energy reactor, which was apparently his biggest weakness. This was the biggest difference maker in this equation, 17 did something others could not. I bet fan following of 17 is now going through the roofs.

Number 1-  After 17’s brave breakthrough attack, Aniraza was left open, and Goku-Vegeta-Gohan-Frieza made one final push, and guys this scene. Starting from 17’s attack was spectacular to watch. The animation and art quality for this final particular scene of this episode was top notch. Look at 17’s face, the intensity is expressed just by that. The entire environment was heated up, this was also an epic clash of badass colors, yeap badass colors. That was absolutely visually stunning. 5 Star Stuff, and that is how Universe 3 came to an end.
Following that we got a real WTF moment, and a real WTF moment. I was like WHAT THE FU*K, and I paused and I just couldn’t see why.

Yeap, I am talking about that God of Destruction scene where a sneaky little red guy just popped out of Moscow we all knew and loved. Bro, the shock was like the time we found out President Obama was just an AI robot. I wonder what’s the purpose of showing this at the last moment, I’m intrigued, hope this will get explored in upcoming arcs once all the Universes get restored.

Frieza coming back to the action helped the episode to highlight the change of tone since he was sleeping in previous episodes because he didn’t find anyone worth saving. There was this cool scene where he saves Goku by kicking him back to the stage, I like how he says sorry my leg slipped, just what he did before the tournament with Goku.

The Episode setup is best expressed by the word Entertaining. The action was entertaining and really really fun. They kept the core very simple, a monstrous powerful being attacks and everyone gangs up against him. It gave me a little bit of Godzilla or a recent Kong Skull Island type of vibe. They were showing some over the top stuff, and those blended really well with the episode.  Like Aniraza was about to eat 18, and Krillin never expected he will have to see 18 getting eaten by someone else.

Anyways after a long time we see Goku making a proper utilization of Instant Transmission. Like throughout the series we went through around 99 scenarios where Goku could’ve used that technique. So timely use of it was satisfying to watch.

In the beginning of this video, I had mentioned that I felt a bit angry after watching this episode, and that’s because Aniraza was too good, too intense, too badass, and too entertaining. Even his attacks were unique, the monster was bending space, and throwing warp punches, and all that kind of stuff. His size didn’t affect his speed or reflex, and it was said he was using ultra sonic wave to swiftly detect his opponents using his ear. He had it all intensity, uniqueness, everything that makes you want to watch more of a character.

I think it’s a shame that they made up such a fun to watch in action character and only gave him one episode in the same tournament where a BS like Ribrianne kept appearing episodes after episodes. It hurts more when you know they can provide what you want but they just won’t. Dragon Ball Super is an amazing series, but believe me it could be 5 times better. There were ample opportunity to just cut some of the garbage they showed before and have intense and serious characters have more screen time giving us the fans what we really want from a Dragon Ball series.

Anyways, guys we now only have 9 minutes left in this Tournament of Power. It’s down to Universe 7 and 11. The Real Deal is on. Vegeta vs Jiren Next Episode.

The Hype is Real.

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