Hello Everyone, today we have the first spoilers of Super’s 122nd episode coming straight from the V-Jump Magazine, so as a last warning if you are the kind of person who doesn’t wanna find out what happens before it happens this is not the post for you.

We already know the title of the episode it’s: “Staking his pride! Vegeta’s challenges to the Strongest!”

The Synopsis goes as follows: “Vegeta makes his move towards the strongest warrior Jiren. Only warriors from Universes 7 and 11 remain at the Tournament of Power. Vegeta challenges Jiren in Goku’s stead…

Frieza this week: Targeting Dyspo! Universe 11’s Dyspo tries to hinder Universe 7’s warriors. Disliking this strategy, Frieza selects Dyspo as his next target.”

So to sum up everything, it’s finally U7 vs U11, who will be the winner, hard to say as U11 has the strongest warrior in the tournament Jiren. Eventually Goku will find a way to defeat him, as of episode 120, only 10mins remain untill the tournament is over. From the spoilers above we now know that Aniraza, U3’s secret weapon will be defeated resulting in U3’s erasure. After that, DB super will take new year’s break, so no episode on 30/31 of December. And we’ll have to wait untill january 6/7th to see what happens next.

With episode 122 comes the 11th ending of Super called “LAGRIMA” sing by the ONEPIXCEL group.

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