One Piece Editor Just Spoiled The Result of Luffy vs Katakuri

Hey everyone! Luffy vs Katakuri is probably the biggest One Piece fight that we’ll be seeing ever since the Strawhat Pirates entered the New World. Before in the Grand Line, I think some fights were a lot easier. But, here, they’re going to be a lot difficult, and you can see that. The first big fight in the New World, which is Luffy vs Doflamingo was extremely hard for Luffy until we saw Gear 4th.

After Gear 4th, it was easy, since Luffy didn’t need to do much to take Doffy down. But, with Charlotte Cracker, things got difficult. Even Gear 4th didn’t work, and Luffy needed help to defeat him, which just tells you that Doflamingo was just a mere Pirate in the New World, and the Yonko crews are the real deal.

If you think Cracker was hard to beat, then you’d think Katakuri is impossible to defeat. This guy is truly a monster, and someone worthy of being the right-hand man of a Yonko. He may not have a crazy bounty, but he’s strong. Don’t get me wrong. He does have the highest known bounty so far. But, I’m sure Kaido’s Right-hand man will have a lot higher bounty, because they’re into crazy things, and are very notorious.

If you talk power, I think few can even come close to Katakuri, which makes Luffy, and his Gear 4th even more inferior to him. BUT, this week’s preview for Shonen Jump consisted of some information that I think you guys will definitely like. It is about Luffy vs Katakuri, and the editor’s note says that the chapter is going to be extremely intense.

That’s not all. It says that Luffy does something, or comes up with something that negates Katakuri’s powers. This means that Katakuri won’t be able to use his biggest weapon against Luffy anymore. His Observation Haki. This guy has trained his Observation Haki to the point where he can see into the future. That’s basically why he is invincible. That’s right. Katakuri has never lost a fight. But, Luffy is something else. With the recipe of great raw power, battle tactics, and impenetrable plot armor, I think he can pull this off.

But, as of now, I cannot think of any chink in Katakuri’s armor. I don’t think Gear 4th is enough and I believe Luffy will need another G4 variant to do some damage, or even to get level with him. Maybe even awaken his Devil Fruit. That would work too, but with just Bounce Man, that’s not going to happen. But, I have faith in Oda. I think he’ll give us a battle that is going to blow our minds, and if Luffy does overcome Katakuri’s Observation Haki, I think Luffy will win the fight. Plain and simple. But that’s just my opinion.

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