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Thanksgiving Event 2017 With Niantic’s Warning

Pokemon Go fans are excited and ready for a brand new Thanksgiving event, which is expected to start soon. As in a recent blog post, Niantic told fans to expect big Pokemon Go news next week.”Niantic is actively expanding the Pokemon Go development team to build many more amazing updates in 2018, Stay tuned for news next week about upcoming improvements to certain features.”

Niantic is expected to announce details of a Thanksgiving 2017 event, which is likely to run for a week. last year’s event started on Wednesday, November 23, and ran until November 30. based on those timings, the Pokemon Go Thanksgiving 2017 event could have a Wednesday, November 22 release date.

Event Details

The Thanksgiving event may include double XP and Stardust, and potentially the release of Smeargle, Delibird, and Ho-Oh. With Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon coming to 3DS earlier this week, fans can dress their Pokemon Go avatars in new gear inspired by the Alola region.

Niantic’s post read, ”We’re excited to announce that new avatar items are now available, To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, you’ll be able to dress your Pokemon Go avatar in brand-new outfits inspired by the tropical Alola region.”

Pokemon Go trainers can access the gear by selecting the player icon in the lower-left portion of the screen. The free outfits can be found in the Style section of the profile. Also Pokemon Go parent company Niantic has confirmed that a new update of their most popular AR game will be needed for some trainers to carry on playing Pokemon Go. The development team has revealed that they will be ending support for Apple device owners using iOS 8 or below. Trainers who currently use devices with this operating system will no longer be able to access PokemonGo after Monday, November 20.

Niantic is encouraging players who are still using iOS 8 to upgrade their operating systems to iOS 9 and above for uninterrupted access to Pokemon Go. The development confirmed that this latest move is being down to streamline things at Niantic, although it will inevitably mean they will lose a small group of players.

“iOS 8 was initially released in 2014. In the time since the release, there have been some major improvements to the iOS operating systems,” Niantic explains.”By removing support for iOS 8, we can streamline our development process and focus resources on supporting newer operating systems and technologies.”

“A vast majority of Apple users have migrated to iOS 9 and above. As players migrate from older operating system versions to newer ones, we periodically update our supported device requirements to focus on the devices our player base use.”

As soon as December hits Pokemon go players expect to see the new generation of Pokemon i.e. Generation 3 Pokemon. Right now, Pokemon go is going through a lot of changes and glitches. What are your thoughts? Lemme hear you guys out in the comments or you can get connected with me on Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram. Stay tuned.

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