Pokemon GO GPS Issue And Invisible Pokemon

Niantic’s process of updating Pokemon Go has cost them in many ways. Niantic recently revoked its updated version of Pokemon GO 0.81.1 and downgraded to the previous version of the game. After this downgrade of the game, players faced many issues.

Recently players reported many changes in the game.

  • Players on Reddit mentioned there had been a massive drop in Legendary raid drop. Players said it was seen that Niantic is no longer providing as many Legendary raids they did before.
  • Pokemon Go Player _whatevs_ mentions, ”Where I live there are four gyms on my radar, and they’re used to be about one legendary raid per gym per day. Ours is a small community of players; we always struggle to find enough people to raid. We post almost every raid that pops up in a messaging group. We’ve noticed that this past week or so, the frequency has dropped to about 1/day, and there were two days were not even once.”
  • Player sobrique mentions, ”I’m seeing the same. Which is annoying, because we only just got Raikou, which is the best of the bunch.”
  • Trainer siamkor adds, ”Yeah, it sucks. We get one our less at the end of the day for raids due to Niantic ignoring DST, then we get 15 minutes less at the end of the raids (and consequently at the end of the day) due to Niantic changing the raid timer, and now we get even fewer raids. Honestly, I’m expecting them to nerf the premier balls to half the current amount and reduce Raikou’s base catch rate to 0.5% before the week is over, just to show us who’s in charge.”

Also recently, fans had noticed major errors in GPS connectivity player ghostoftsavo mentioned, ”I get the GPS cannot be found (Error 11) for about 10 seconds and then it goes away for 20 seconds and then returns for 10 seconds. I have had this issue for at least two weeks now, and it only affects me when I try to click on a Pokemon/stop or try to use Calcy IV and the error covers up the CP. Thoughts? I am not having this issue with any other games including DrGo.”.

This Action and bugs of Pokemon GO are demotivating the players big time. One more such bug is a Pokemon going invisible. This video was uploaded by Redditor DiceRoll01. In this video, you can see a trainer trying to catch invisible Ledian which is an evolution of Ledyba.

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