Why Jiren Can Use Ultra Instinct As Well – Explained


Ultra Instinct is a power that allows some to react to incoming threats without having to think about it. It was first mentioned in the series by Whis. Whis taught it to Beerus at first, who seems to have a hang of this technique, but he mastered it completely. Later, Whis taught it to Goku and Vegeta.

While neither of them were able to grasp it at first, Goku seems to have learnt this ability completely now. At the Tournament of Power, Goku unleashed this ability against Jiren, and he was able to match him in combat completely. This shocked all spectators, and even the likes of Beerus and Whis were left stunned by it. Using Ultra Instinct, Goku’s powers reached a whole new level.

At some points, it appeared as if Goku was able to overwhelm Jiren, but the energy he was using wore off. In this major fight, there was one thing worth noticing. Jiren was able to keep up with Goku even when he used Ultra Instinct. Now, we saw that Beerus used Ultra Instinct against all other Gods of Destruction in Zen exhibition match as well, but they weren’t able to hit him at all. Yet, Jiren was able to hit Goku and forced him to block the moves.

Could it be that Goku is not the only mortal who knows how to use Ultra Instinct? I think that’s highly possible. Jiren is described as someone who has the power of a God of Destruction, and maybe even beyond. The concept of Ultra Instinct is very notorious among the Gods.

I think it’s highly likely that Jiren himself is using Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power. It was hinted before, when the Tournament of Power began. Now, the major problem that most people have with this is that Jiren doesn’t really transform to achieve this form. But, so far, Goku is the only one who has had to transform to use Ultra Instinct. Neither Beerus, nor Whis need to transform to achieve this power.

Same could be the case with Jiren. He might be able to use it without having to transform. Maybe this is be reason why he is potentially stronger than Belmod himself. If Belmod wasn’t able to hit Beerus when he was using Ultra Instinct, it is likely that he is going to have a hard time against Jiren as well. From the looks of it, Jiren will most likely be a user of this ability. Goku is not going to be the only one, in my opinion.

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Revealed: How Goku Will Be Saved From Freeza In Dragon Ball Super 111

Goku’s fight against Jiren was an epic and it was something that was nearly hyped for 8 months now. The One Hour Special was definitely worth watching, and it is without any doubt, the best episode of Dragon Ball Super yet. It also introduced Goku’s New Form, called “Ultra Instinct” to us.

This new form is said to be even feared by the Gods. Not even the likes of Beerus has been able to master this technique yet, but Goku seems to have gotten the grasp of this technique. The form is not permanent for now, but we do know that it will definitely return in the Tournament of Power again.

One of the most interesting things that happened in the episode was how Freeza prepared his attack on Goku, now that he was completely exhausted. Goku doesn’t really have any stamina left. So if Freeza does intend to attack him, he cannot defend himself with the power level that he is currently at. Goku needs some time to heal up.

So, there are only two ways I can see how he’ll be able to avoid Freeza. The first is simple really. Freeza won’t attack Goku. Freeza knows that if he gets eliminated from the Tournament of Power after pulling off something like this, he will probably be erased on the spot by Beerus. So, it is possible that he won’t attack Goku at all.

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