10 Anime That Are Like My Hero Academia [Best Recommendations]


My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia is one of the most famous anime that is currently going on. The anime is about a boy name m Midoriya Izuku who was born without any superhero powers. The anime is really amazing and if you have watched it then I have just the list for you.

10. Akame Ga Kill-

Akame is a member of the Night Raid, which is a part of the revolutionary army. The revolutionary army is trying to bring the reign of the current king to an end. Follow Akame and the Night Raid in their journey of liberation.
9. Samurai Flamenco-

Masayoshi Hazama has been obsessed with superhero shows ever since he was a child. He makes a living by modelling during the day. Till now, it seems like everything is normal however as soon as night falls, he turns into the hero known as Samurai Flamenco.
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